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Viral Video: Man Stuns Onlookers By Performing Series Of Backflips At Railway Station

A video of a boy performing one of the toughest types of gymnastics has gone viral on the internet.

Shared on Instagram, the video shows the boy named Suraj Singh performing a series of back flips in front of the general public at an unidentified railway station. In the clip, Mr Singh, who is popularly known as the “crazy flipper” as per his social media ID, is seen bringing off a series of smooth backflips on a platform while an express train is waiting in the background.

Mr Singh has edited the last part of the clip in slow motion in order to make the flip clear for the audience.

In the video, the passengers of the train seem excited about watching the stunt. A police inspector also looks impressed with Mr Singh’s attempts. However, at the end of the Instagram Reel, the officer can be seen asking for the recording device as capturing photos and videos inside several railway premises in India is not allowed.

When translated, the caption of the post also read that the police officer seized the mobile phone.

Since being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. It has garnered more than 760,000 views and over 345,000 likes. While some internet users showered appreciation with emojis, others expressed their concern over the boy’s safety. One user wrote, “Outstanding bro but plz be careful.” Another simply called the video “super”.

CommentsSpeaking of dangerous stunts, a while back a man in Noida was filmed lying prone on a moving bike in a Shaktimaan’-like stunt that sent him straight to jail. His two friends who captured it on video also ended up in jail with him. The Noida police had tweeted out a short video of the stunt followed by the arrest of the three men.

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