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Indian Railways News

De-Reserved 2nd Class Coaches In These Trains To Run As ‘Unreserved’

The selected trains come under the administration of the Western Railways zone

Indian Railways has decided to de-reserve some second class seating coaches and will assign them as unreserved coaches to permit unreserved commuter travel for the convenience of passengers. The selected trains come under the administration of the Western Railways zone – headquartered at Churchgate, Mumbai, and the changes will come into effect from October 25, 2021.

The second class coaches which will be de-reserved to operate under unreserved travel will be implemented only in a few nominated trains, according to a statement issued by the Western Railway zone on Wednesday, October 20.

The railway authorities will deploy staff at the stations for guiding passengers to avoid confusion that may arise among the reserved and unreserved passengers over seats in these de-reserved coaches. According to Western Railways, the details of the special trains along with the number of coaches to operate as unreserved are as follows:

Full list of trains with second class coaches to be run as ‘unreserved’:

  1. Train number 09011/09012 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Superfast Special will operate with seven second class seating coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  2. Train number 02935/02936 Bandra Terminus – Surat Superfast Special will run with five second class seating coaches – marked as unreserved.
  3. Train number 09135/09136 Valsad – Ahmedabad Special will operate with seven second class seating coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  4. Train number 09137/09138 Dahanu Road – Vadodara Special will operate with seven second class seating coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  5.  Train number 09129/09130 Valsad – Vadodara Special will operate with five second class coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  6.  Train number 09519/09520 Bhavnagar Terminus – Okha Special will operate with seven  second class coaches – marked as unreserved.
  7. Train number 09339 Dahod – Bhopal Special will operate with seven second class coaches – marked as unreserved.
  8. Train number 09323 Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Bhopal Special will operate with seven second class coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  9. Train number 02959/02960 Vadodara – Jamnagar Superfast Special will operate with five second class coaches – assigned as unreserved.
  10. Train number 09419/09420 Ahmedabad – Somnath Special will operate with six second class coaches – marked as unreserved.