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UP Lawyer Went To Court Against Railways Over Rs 20

A lawyer from Mathura waged and won a legal battle in the consumer forum after a 22-year fight against Indian Railways for overcharging him  20 in 1999.

After more than two decades of fighting in court, the Consumer Forum has ruled in favour of the lawyer.

The matter dates back to December 25, 1999 when Advocate Tungnath Chaturvedi, resident of Gali Pirpanch of Mathura, reached Mathura Cantt station to take a train to Moradabad. He asked for two tickets for Moradabad at the ticket counter where the booking clerk charged him  90 instead of  70.

At  35 per person ticket, two tickets would have cost him  70.

Advocate Chaturvedi asked for the return of  20 but the booking clerk refused. Meanwhile, as his train had arrived at the station, Mr Chaturvedi boarded and departed for Moradabad.

He later filed a case in the Consumer Forum against Indian Railways for overcharging him. The General Manager of North Eastern Railway Gorakhpur and the window booking clerk of Mathura Cantonment railway station were made parties.

After 21 years, the Consumer Forum gave a verdict in favour of Advocate Chaturvedi and ordered Railways to pay a refund of 20 rupees, plus interest at 12 percent a year, and compensation of 15,000 rupees.

The Consumer Forum has ordered the Railways to pay the amount within 30 days.

“It took time to get justice. But I am satisfied that the decision against the illegal thing has finally come,” said Mr Chaturvedi.

He said that his family members and neighbours had several times insisted that he let go of the matter but he continued his fight for justice.

Mr Chaturvedi’s family and neighbours have expressed their happiness that the Forum had favoured him in its decision.

One of his neighbours said that one should always raise their voice against injustice.

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