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Indian Railways News

They Were Taking Selfies On A Rail Track. Then A Train Hit Them

A total of two people were killed and one was critically injured after being hit by a local train while clicking selfies near a railway bridge over the Cossye river in Midnapore on Saturday.

The injured person was rescued by the Railway Police and was rushed to the hospital.

Railway Senior Section Engineer Biswajit Bala said, “Everyone is forbidden to climb on this part of the railway line. Despite the ban, many people are taking selfies on the train tracks. However, they did not move and ran along the line. So this accident happened.”

An eyewitness said that a group of youth came to the place for a picnic and was taking selfies with their friends on the railway tracks when a local train from Midnapore to Howrah came on that line and hit them. Two of them died on the spot and one person is critically injured and is admitted to the hospital, he added.

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