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Indian Railways News

Telangana seeks aviation ministry’s help on MMTS Phase-II project

The Telangana government has sought intervention of the Union ministry of civil aviation to resolve the issue of alignment plans of the railways on airport connectivity in the MMTS phase-II.

The GMR Hyderabad international airport authorities are not agreeing to the alignment proposed by the railways up to a location near to the airport border. The officials are citing security issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently held a video conference with TS officials on MMTS phase II project under the Pragathi programme. The Central government has sent a note on the video conference. According to the note, land acquisition for MMTS phase II and funds to be given by TS to the railways were discussed.

The state government has said that the alignment has been finalised up to a location near to the airport and an independent consultant has been appointed by the state government to study the alternate options.

The railway officials said that this issue has been pursued with the state government and the airport authorities.

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