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Indian Railways News

SWR announces Speeding up of Trains and Shifting of Terminals

South Western Railway has decided to speed up as many as 17 trains running within its jurisdiction from 01st November, 2017. New passenger time table for all Railway zones is being introduced with effect from 01st November, 2017. A unique feature of new time table this time will be thrust on speeding up of trains. All over Indian Railways running time of about 700 long distance trains has been reduced. The list of 17 trains being speeded up on South Western Railway are as under:

Speeding up of Trains

SNo.Train No. & Train NameExistingTimingsRevised TimingsSpeeded up in Minute
1.22678 (16562) Kochuveli – Yesvantpur12:4004:3012:5004:1525
2.22677 (16561) Yesvantpur – Kochuveli15:2006:5015:2006:455
3.20651(16201) KSR Bengaluru-Shivamogga15:3020:4515:0019:5520
4.20652 (16202) Shivamogga-KSR Bengaluru06:3511:5506:4011:3525
5.16219 (56213) Chamarajanagar-Tirupati15:0005:3515:1005:2520
6.16220 (56214) Tirupati – Chamarajanagar21:3512:3021:3512:2010
7.16227 (56234/16227) Mysuru-KSR Bengaluru-Talguppa19:1007:1519:4007:1530
8.16228 (16228/56234) Talguppa -KSR Bengaluru- Mysuru20:1508:0020:2008:005
9.17301 Mysuru-Dharwad22:3008:1522:3008:0015
10.56217 Talaguppa-Shivamogga10:0012:5010:0012:3020
11.56218 Shivamogga – Talaguppa13:4016:4513:4016:3015
12.56270 Mysuru- Shivamogga10:2016:4510:2016:405
13.16577 Yesvantpur-Harihar16:1523:4516:1523:3015
14.16578 Harihar- Yesvantpur05:0011:2506:1512:3010
15.16575 Yesvantpur-Mangaluru Jn.07:1017:3007:1016:5535
16.16515 Yesvantpur-Mangaluru Jn.-Karwar07:0017:30 (MAJN)07:1016:55(MAJN)45
17.56515 KSR Bengaluru-Hubballi Passenger07:4520:5007:4520:455

It can be seen that saving of running time to the tune of 5 to 45 minutes has been achieved due to emphasis on speeding up of trains. This shall reduce travel time and it indicates commitment of Railways for facilitating faster travel of passengers.

The following trains already notified for upgrading to Express Train/Superfast Train from dates indicated in the time table.

Speeding UP Trains from Mail/Express to Superfast

SNo.Train No.FromToDateConversion 
1.22501/22502 (15901/15902)New TinsukkiyaKSR Bengaluru20.01.201731.01.2017Weekly Express to SuperfastSpeeding UP Train New No. Ex.New Tinsukiya-20.01.2017 & EX KSR Bengaluru-31.01.2017
2.22697/22698 (17314/17313)HubballiChennai Central01.10.201602.10.2016Weekly Express to SuperfastSpeeding UP Train
3.20651/20652 Old No. (16201/16202)BengaluruShivamogga Town01.10.2017 Daily ExpressExpress in to Superfast with change in timings & New Train No.

Conversion Passenger Trains in to Express

Sl. No.Train No. FromToDateService 
1.16219/16220 Old No. 56213/56214ChamarajanagarTirupati22.08.2017 DailyPassenger in to Mail/Express
2.16227/16228 Old No. 56234/56233MysuruTalguppa28.07.2017DailyPassenger in to Express, duly extending Train No. 16227/16228 KR Bengaluru-Talguppa-KSR Bengaluru up to Mysuru

III.      Shifting Of Terminals:

To decongest KSR Bengaluru, the terminal of following Trains has been shifted

Sl. No.Train No. FromToNew Terminal instead of KSR BengaluruDate of Change in TerminalsFrequency
1.12683/12684ErnakulamKSR BengaluruBanasawadi 04.01.2018Bi-Weekly
2.22607/22608ErnakulamKSR BengaluruBanasawadi 08.01.2018Weekly

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