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Indian Railways News

Southern Railway completes Major Doubling, Electrification and Gauge Conversion projects

1.  Dedication of Electrified Double Line between Kalpattichatram – Tamaraipadi railway stations (25.44 km)

The section between Kalpattichatram – Tamaraipadi railway stations (25.44 km) is part of the Villupuram – Dindigul (270 km) Doubling with Electrification project and the last stretch to be completed.    With the commissioning of this section, the entire stretch between Chennai and Madurai will have electrified double line.  This Villupuram – Dindigul project was completed by RVNL at a cost of 1600 cr. covering 270.15 km.  CRS inspection in Kalpattichatram – Tamaraipadi section was carried out on 13th& 14th March, 2018 and the section was opened for traffic on 30th March, 2018.

The electrified double line between Chennai and Madurai would ease congestion in the chord line section and pave the way for operation of more services.  There would be substantial reduction in travel time also.

There are a total of 43 stations in Villupuram – Dindigul project including 4 Junction stations.  52 major bridges and 576 minor bridges are constructed in the section.  18 stations were revamped and additional facilities are provided while in 19 stations including 3 halts, existing buildings were refurbished.

2.  Dedication of Gauge Converted Aryankavu – Edamann (20.884 km) section to the Nation

New Aryankavu – Edamann stretch (21 km) is a part of the Sengottai – Punalur section of Kollam – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur & Tenkasi – Virudunagar Gauge Conversion (357 km) project.  The section traverses through the Kollam district (Kerala) and would give a fillip to the connectivity between Tamil Nadu and Kerala states thus playing a pivotal role in boosting the economy of South India. Commissioning of this stretch will provide an alternative route for travel between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This picturesque section will also draw more tourists and rail enthusiasts from all over the country.

The rail route includes a heritage 13-arch bridge along the 49 kilometre long railway line from Punalur to Sengottai, commissioned in 1903. The bridge measuring 102.72 meters in length and 5.18 meters in height was constructed using the ancient Surki method by the British. It is now strengthened using concrete jacketing and the heritage look will be artificially created by fixing the walls with tiles resembling the old construction blocks.

The track structure on the main line consists of 60 kg class-I Flat Footed rails on mono block PSC sleepers with 1660 sleepers per km and 250 mm ballast cushion.  There are 16 (15 waterway bridges + 1 viaduct) major bridges & 78 minor bridges.  5 tunnels are constructed for a length of 1.8 km in the section.  This line traverses through the Western Ghats and has sharp curves of up to 10 degrees.  There are 3 crossing stations viz., Aryankavu New block, Tenmalai & Edamann and 3 halt stations viz., Edapalayam, Kalthuruthi & Ottakkal in this New Aryankavu – Edamann section.  There is no unmanned level crossing in this section.

Total cost of this project covering 21 Kms is Rs.185 cr. CRS inspection was completed in the section on 12th& 13th of January, 2018 and the section was commissioned for traffic on 31st of March, 2018.

3.  Dedication of Gauge Converted Line between Pattukottai – Karaikkudi Jn.  (73.435 km) to the Nation

Karaikkudi – Pattukottai stretch (73 km) is a part of Mayiladuturai – Thiruvarur-Tiruturaipundi – Karaikkudi (187 km) Gauge Conversion project.  The line traverses through the districts of Thanjavur, Pudukkottai & Sivaganga.  Paddy is grown in abundance here.  The centralised procurement of paddy by the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation and rice mills of Food Corporation of India from paddy growing centres in the section is a regular and bi-annual feature.  Similarly, Chemical manure is transported to the paddy growing areas in the section.  Commissioning the newly converted broad gauge section will increase the movement of food grains from delta regions to other parts of Tamil Nadu State and will provide a shorter route for movement of fertilisers from Milavittan to delta regions. CRS inspection was completed in the section on 1st of March, 2018 and the section was commissioned for traffic on 30th March, 2018.

There are 14 major bridges and 255 minor bridges in the section.  There are 5 crossing stations viz.,Pattukottai, Peravurani, Ayingudi, Arantangi & Periyakottai and 3 halt stations viz., Ottangadu, Valaramanikkam & Kandanur Puduvayal in this Karaikkudi – Pattukottai section.  There is no unmanned level crossing in this section.  Total cost of this 73 km gauge conversion project is Rs.547.75 cr.

4.  Dedication of Double Line between Solagampatti – Thanjavur Jn.  (28.75 km) to the Nation

As part of doubling of track between Thanjavur – Ponmalai project taken up by RVNL, the stretch between Solagampatti – Thanjavur Junction (28.75 Km) has been completed.  With the commissioning of this section, the delays due to crossings in Tiruchchirappalli – Thanjavur section would not arise thus enabling the operation of more train services.  The second line would also decongest the highly saturated main line boosting both passenger and freight traffic.  Significantly, the freight movement of PDS and Civil Supplies Corporation from delta regions would get a fillip as also the movement of cement traffic.  CRS inspection was carried out in the section on 29th& 30th of February, 2018.  The section was subsequently commissioned for traffic on 27th March, 2018.

The total project cost of Thanjavur – Ponmalai doubling work is Rs.350 crore covering 46.96 kms and was executed by RVNL.  7 stations were covered. 16 major bridges and 83 minor bridges were constructed in the section.  2 Foot over Bridges have been newly constructed while 1 FOB has been extended.  All the stations have been provided with additional passenger amenities.

The section is also being electrified simultaneously as part of the Tiruchchirappalli – Thanjavur – Tiruvarur – Karaikal Electrification Project.

5.  Dedication of the Third Line between Ponmalai – Tiruchchirappalli (2 km) to the Nation

The newly constructed electrified third line between between Ponmalai Golden Rock station and Tiruchchirappalli (2 km) is also ready for commissioning.  This project is part of the Villupuram – Dindigul Doubling Project by RVNL completed at a total cost of Rs.1600 crores.  The delay due to crossings in the highly saturated Ponmalai – Tiruchchirappalli section will be minimised on commissioning of the third line.

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