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Indian Railways News

Southern Railway achieves Milestone of 100% LED Lighting at all Railway Stations ahead of Target Date

Pursuing Ministry of Railway’s initiative to provide energy efficient lighting to help conservation of environment, Southern Railway achieved the status of providing 100% LED lighting at Railway Stations opened for traffic.

As a part of energy conservation measures, Southern Railway has switched over to 100% energy efficient LED lightings in place of conventional Fluorescent Lamps, T5 lamps, CFL lamps, and high wattage MH lamps.  LED lighting is the latest technology in the lighting industry, and LEDs used in lighting will give better illumination, and is expected to last longer(i.e.,longer life).  With the prevailing competitive markets for LED lighting, the payback period is also very attractive.

All 714 Railway stations (which are opened for traffic) have been provided with 100% energy efficient LED lights. The total number of LED luminaries provided are 86291 Nos. It was done by 15.03.2017, before the target date of 31stMarch 2018.

 Other stations in Gauge conversion area will also join the group of LED lighting provided stations where the section is opened for traffic.

This will result in electrical energy saving of 7.98 million units per annum, which translates into a saving of Rs.6.408 Crores per annum in energy bill as well as better illumination.

The investment made for providing 100% LED luminaries at these stations is around Rs.5.92 crores with the payback period as around 11 months.

Further, the provision of 100% LED lighting in Service buildings and Railway Quarters is also under progress and is expected to be be completed shortly.  This will also result in substantial savings both in terms of electrical energy and cost.

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