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Indian Railways News

South Western Railway march towards making Mysuru a Clean and Green City

The Green and clean City of Mysuru, one of the busiest tourist place in Karnataka has a busy railway station too.

Mysuru Division is constantly striving to keep Station Platforms, track and station premises clean.

With close to 62 thousand footfalls every day, 6 platforms of the station often get very busy during arrival and departure of trains.

During peak periods of the day it is observed that considerable no. of water bottles are found littering the platforms.

As summer is approaching the requirement of water bottle naturally increases and the waste generated by used plastic bottles will be affected the cleanliness of Mysuru – one of the cleanest Railway stations in India.

A innovative way to dispose of hundreds of plastic bottles generated Station is thought off at this Railway.

To respond to this passenger need, an automatic, noiseless Pet Bottle Crushing Machine has been installed on Platform No. 1 at Mysuru at cost of Rs.3,04,000/-.

The Machine starts and stops automatically based on the plastic bottle feed.

Once a bottle is inserted machine starts automatically and disintegrates the bottle into fine piece of plastic which are then released.

Mysuru Railway Division is in the process of entering in to MOU with plastic manufactures for collecting the crushed plastic pieces which will give sundry revenue also to the Division.

Based upon the experience gained, more such machines shall be installed in other important stations of SWR.

Railway is trying to explore the avenue of Corporate Social Responsibility organisations also to promote installation of this ecofriendly system.

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