Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

Soon, train travel from Mumbai to Delhi in just 13 hours

Soon, passengers will be able to travel Delhi – Mumbai route via train in just 13 hours. A new move by Indian Railways will cut down the current time taken to travel one of the busiest railway journey route by three hours, making it a simple overnight journey.

Currently, Rajdhani Express covers the distance in about 16 hours.

Railways conducted a trial using Rajdhani’s Linke Hofman Busch (LHB) coaches and now assessing the results.

The new project is will use 14-coach train, pulled by a single engine, with a capability of 200 kmph.

Currently, speed restrictions, signaling systems and track conditions, force trains to under-perform in terms of speed. This new train will reportedly travel at a speed of 180 kmph.

In a ‘soft trial’, the train took about 13 hours with two operational halts to complete the journey.

The second, “more serious” trial will happen after the Railway Board meeting, reported the Indian Express.

If this takes off, similar plans will be unveiled for Delhi-Howrah routes.

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