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Siemens hopes to seal deal with Russian Railways on supplies of 10 trains by year end

Siemens is holding negotiations with Russian Railways on increasing supplies of Sapsan high-speed trains from the initial 8 to 10 trains and expects to resolve the matter before the end of the year, President of Siemens in Russia Dietrich Moeller told reporters.

“Siemens is in talks with Russian Railways on additional supplies of Sapsans: 8 or 10 trains, or additional cars. So far there is no final decision,” he said.

When asked when the companies would be ready strike an agreement, Moeller said, “I hope before the end of the year.”

According to Moeller, the parties are discussing the option of ten-car trains.

“This is the fastest option for delivery, maybe later, in a year, we can start adding additional cars to the train,” he said.

In February, a source familiar with the plans of the Russian Railways, told reporters that the company plans to purchase eight more high-speed Sapsan trains.

Siemens cooperates with Russia in transport industry: since 2010, the Ural Locomotives, a joint venture of the German company and the Sinara Group (the share of each is 50%) has been operating near Yekaterinburg. The enterprise produces Lastochka high-speed trains. Also, Russian Railways buys the Sapsan train from Siemens AG. In February there were reports that part of production of Sapsan trains may be organized at the site of the Ural Locomotives.

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