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Indian Railways News

SER augments 100% LED Lights in all the Railway Stations to Save Electricity Consumption

South Eastern Railway has achieved yet another milestone in the field of energy conservation as well as revenue savings with all its 365 stations fitted with 100% LED luminaries. This line of Energy Conservation Measures adopted in South Eastern Railway and the 100% LED provision in all South Eastern Railway’s stations has been completed as per the Budget commitment of Hon’ble Minister of Railways. This massive task has been completed recently on 30th March, 2018.

By fitment of LED luminaries, the connected load of the stations has been reduced by 542 KW.  As a result, there would be reduction in electricity consumption of 2.17 million units on yearly basis.  This reduction would lead to monetary savings of Rs.1.52 crores per annum of Government exchequer.

LEDs are currently the most energy efficient source of much less energy consumption (electricity) than incandescent, fluorescent, meta halide or mercury lamps, within the luminous efficiency of 80-90% for traditional lighting.  This means that 80% of the energy supplied to the device is converted to light while 20% is lost and converted into heat.

In addition, this Railway has already started using LED lights in some passenger coaches and aims to provide such energy efficient LED lighting to all railway coaches/EMU trains as well as residential quarters and offices.

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