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Rumo to install GE Trip Optimizer on Locomotive Fleet

BRAZILIAN rail freight and logistics operator Rumo has signed an agreement with GE Transportation for the installation of GE’s Trip Optimizer energy management system on its locomotive fleet.

Trip Optimizer is a software-based energy management system that enables trains to operate in the most fuel-efficient manner possible by gathering information regarding its route and current load.

Trip Optimizer inputs data about a train’s route and load, and then automatically drives the train in the most fuel-efficient manner. Algorithms develop a customised plan to work with each train’s specific route to optimise operations and improve train handling and fuel economy. Trip Optimizer also syncs with the other onboard systems during each trip to adapt to changes that could impact the route, thereby enabling the train to consistently arrive on time while using the least amount of fuel possible.

Trip Optimizer runs on GE’s GoLinc on-board computing platform, which turns a locomotive into a mobile data centre and enables the implementation of GE’s full suite of digital solutions. “The installation of Trip Optimizer is an important first step in transitioning from manual trains to fully automated ones. It will not only increase rail productivity, but also radically change logistics for the better.” says Mr Danilo Miyasato, commercial director of GE Transportation, Latin America.

The solution is integrated with GE Transportation’s onboard computing platform GoLINC, which transforms a locomotive into a mobile data centre and enables the implementation of the company’s complete suite of digital solutions.

Trip Optimizer’s algorithms customise a locomotive’s work plan according to its specific rail route in order to optimise fuel usage and overall operational efficiency.

It can also synchronise with other onboard systems to adapt to potential changes that may impact the route.

Rumo technology director Roberto Rubio Potzmann said: “When integrated with our global technology strategy, it will bring considerable precision in the movement of freight, generating greater efficiency for our operation.

“Beyond that, the benefits of reducing fuel consumption extend beyond our own operations to the broader society as well.”

In addition, Rumo and GE are holding discussions regarding the possible implementation of additional digital solutions to help the operator further reduce operating costs and achieve other business goals.

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