Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

Railways to Deploy Drones on Tracks to Prevent Accidents, Help in Crowd Control

After a tough year, which saw hundreds die in derailments, the Indian Railways is gearing up to ensure such accidents are not repeated in future and swiftly dealt with even they do occur.

To monitor maintenance, relief and rescue work on train tracks, the Railways will employ drones, a statement said on Monday.

 “Indian Railways has decided to deploy “Drone” cameras (UAV/NETRA) for various railway activities especially project monitoring and maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure. It has been given directions to Zonal Railways to procure such cameras. This is in-line with Railways’ desire to use technology to enhance safety and efficiency in train operations,” the statement read.

West Central Railways, with its headquarters at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, has already procured these drones and conducted a trial at all three of its divisions — Jabalpur Division, Bhopal Division and Kota Division.

In addition to relief, rescue and maintenance work, the Railways will also use these drones for crowd control at fairs, melas and large public gatherings.

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