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Indian Railways News

Railways Starts Rolling Out Rajdhani Express With Upgraded Tejas Coaches

The Railways has started rolling out Rajdhani Express with upgraded Tejas coaches equipped with intelligent sensor-based systems, the ministry said on Monday.

These bright golden hued coaches, with enhanced smart features, are being introduced to run Railways’ prestigious Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express train.

“This new rake made its maiden run from Monday, July 19, 2021. The existing rakes of Train No. 02951/52 Mumbai – New Delhi Rajdhani Special Express, one of the most prestigious and premium trains of WR have been replaced with brand new Tejas type sleeper coaches,” the statement from the Railways said.

Two such Tejas type sleeper coach rakes have been made ready to run as Rajdhani Express. Out of these two rakes, one rake comprises of exclusive Tejas Smart sleeper coaches, which is first of its kind to be introduced by the Indian Railways.

The new train will have special smart features for enhanced passenger safety and comfort. The smart coach aims to provide world-class facilities to passengers with the help of intelligent sensor-based systems.

It is equipped with passenger Information and Coach Computing Unit (PICCU) provided with GSM network connectivity, which reports to the remote server. PICCU will record the data of WSP, CCTV recording, toilet odour sensors, panic switch and other items integrated with fire detection and alarm system, air quality and choke filter sensor and energy meter.

“With the use of Tejas SMART Coach, the Indian Railways aims to move to predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance. The introduction of this modern Tejas Sleeper type train for long distance journey, is another paradigm shift by the Indian Railways for enhancing the travel experience for passengers,” the statement said.

Additional smart features include passenger announcement/passenger information system, digital destination board, security and surveillance monitoring, automatic plug door, fire alarm, detection and suppression system.

It also has emergency talk back for medical or security emergency, improved toilet unit, toilet occupancy sensor, panic button in lavatories, HVAC – air quality measurement for air conditioning system. It also has improved interiors, roller blind on window and upper berth climbing arrangement among other facilities.

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