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Indian Railways News

Railways starts Operations on Loop Line at Binjana Railway Station on Ratlam Division

The railways on Sunday started train operations on a newly-laid ‘loop rail line’ at Binjana Railway station which falls on the Ratlam Division of Western Railway. This second rail line is expected to reduce the waiting time for trains coming from Dewas to Indore as it will allow trains to cross without taking a halt. Rail traffic began at around 4:00am on this newly laid rail line at the station but it affected train movement by a few minutes as trains were allowed to cross the line at a certain speed limit.

Binjana railway station near Dewas is next to Kshipra and is identified as a D-category station. Though there is only one platform at the station, this new line will be used as a loop line at the time when two trains have to cross this station at a time.

The railways had been taking power blocks for doubling project, and this affected the arrival of trains mainly Amritsar-Indore Express (19326), Bhopal-Indore Express (19304), Avantika Superfast Express (12961), Delhi Sarairohilla-Indore Superfast Intercity Express (12416) and Rewa – Dr Ambedkar Nagar (11703). On Sunday also, Bhind Express, Dehradun Express and Avanitka Express were delayed due to the restricted speed of trains along this newly developed rail section.

Railway officials said that trains coming from Barlai to Dewas will no more have to wait at Dewas railway station for trains coming from the opposite direction. “This new loop line was needed as the train coming from Barlai had to wait for at least 15-20 minutes for other trains to cross by,” said a spokesman with Ratlam division of the western railways. He added that the restriction of speed for trains on this line will be removed soon.

Nearly 70 trains that start or operate via Indore railway station have to pass through Binjana railway station. In the absence of a separate line they have to wait 20 to 30 minutes at Dewas or Birlai railway stations.

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