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Indian Railways News

Railways launches Mobile App for General, Platform Tickets

The Northern Railways authorities have launched a mobile-based app UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) for rail commuters of Ferozepur Division to get general as well platforms tickets. This development would provide a major relief to most passengers who earlier had to stand in long queues to get their general tickets for travelling throughout the division.

The service of providing general tickets through the mobile-based app commenced on Saturday, and it would also resolve the problem of charging of excessive amounts on general tickets by rail officials deputed at various general ticket booking counters. Senior divisional commercial manager of Ferozepur Division, Monu Luthra, said: “Finally, the service of providing general as well platforms tickets through the mobile-based app has commenced for passengers in the Ferozepur Division.”

The Central Railway Information System (CRIS) has enabled the technical process for the e-ticketing system. Railways officials too had generated some general tickers to verify its working, and found it was working smoothly without error. Railways will soon install hoardings in the premises of different stations to create awareness regarding this mobile app. Through this app, passengers can make payments through credit cards, debit cards, and several mobile-based wallets, without facing any hardship. Although several specifications have been taken into consideration while developing the mobile app, passengers would have to follow all the steps strictly to get their unreserved tickets.

If a passenger wants an unreserved ticket, then the foremost thing to do is stay away from railway tracks to at least a minimum distance of 70 metres up to 5km for the smooth functioning of the app. Luthra added: “Southern Railways authorities have already started this project in their railway stations, and the same thing will be implemented in our division in the forthcoming days for the convenience of passengers travelling on unreserved tickets.”

One of the passengers, Dilpreet Singh, said: “Railways had achieved another milestone in their ticket generating system with the commencement of e-ticketing system for general as well as platform tickets, as earlier, passengers would have to stand in queues for several hours to buy tickets for their trains, and in between the whole process, they would even miss their trains at times.”

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