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Indian Railways News

Railways experiments with New Technology to prevent Theft on Rajdhani, Shatabdi Express Trains

Indian Railways division is experimenting with a new upgraded software to prevent theft! The Indian Railways is not only equipping Rajdhani Express trains with CCTV cameras, but is also providing body cameras to RPF (Railway Protection Force) officials on trains and platforms. “There have been cases of theft from Rajdhani trains, so we are equipping coaches of these premium trains with CCTC cameras. As of now 5 coaches already have these CCTV cameras and a requirement for CCTVs for 100 more coaches has already been identified,” a Western Railways official told.

According to the official quoted above, till the time that all coaches get CCTV cameras, RPF will have body cameras for real-time monitoring of the train and stations. RPF personnel on Shatabdi Express trains of the Western Railways are also being given these new-age body cameras. “These body cameras are able to transmit data on a real time basis. This would help prevent incidents of thefts,” the official said.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, these cameras have an upgraded software. The report stated that earlier, in order to bring transparency in dealings with train passengers, on-duty police officers on Rajdhani Express trains had been provided with body cameras that stored 32 GB footage in inbuilt storage devices. It also mentioned that the footage was reviewed only in critical situations.

The software, which is an e-patrolling mobile application will be set up on the patrol staff’s phones and it will be paired with the body camera. The App will be fed with details such as the police officer’s name, beat, rank as well as assigned patrolling perimeter on the train. Further, the system will record and transmit all the information to the main control room. This will include the number of rounds undertaken by the concerned officer as well as the officer’s current location.

According to Arun Tripathi, Divisional Security Commissioner of Western Railway, Mumbai Central division, the software will provide an extra hand to the security agencies. Also, it will certainly improve the train passengers’ security.

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