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Railway jobs get more Lucrative with revised Pay Scale and Appraisal Cycle

7th Pay Commission is proving to more lucrative for the Central Government Employees and importantly Railways. As per Central Government, 7th Pay Commission will be the final Commission and the salaries of the Central Government Employees will be enhanced and revised on the yearly basis. Sources suggested that the salary revision will be done on the basis of inflation in the economy. The government will make the adjustment in the allowance every year for making balance in the price. The pay commission has now released 58 important concordance tables, which will act as an instant estimator for the Central Government Employees whose salary will be revised in July. After getting the recommendation from the Cabinet on the 7th Pay Commission, It has been communicated that revised allowance and the HRA would be applicable from July onwards. All the central government employees are not glad as they wanted that all the arrears need to paid from July 2016 onwards. Employee unions are trying hard and continuously discussing the issue with the government. Here is the complete List of Allowances, which have been doubles and more than the doubles in the special cases.

House Rent Allowance: Central Government employees importantly Railway employees will get the increase in the House Rent Allowances HRA in the range of 106 per cent and 157 per cent from their July salaries. The employees who come under the highest pay matrix, then their HRA will be enhanced from Rs 27,000 to Rs 60,000, thus resulting in a 122 per cent hike. The HRA of these employees will be revised upwards to Rs 67,500 and Rs 75,000 when Dearness Allowance crosses 25 per cent and 50 per cent respectively. The revision will translate into a 148 per cent and 176 per cent hike, respectively.

Medical Allowance: For Railway pensioners, fixed medical allowance has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. For central government employees with 100 per cent disability, constant attendance allowance has been increased from Rs 4,500 and Rs 6,750 per month. The nursing amount has been hiked to Rs 7,200 per month, as against the earlier amount of Rs 48,00.

Education Allowance: The Union Cabinet has increased Children Education Allowance (CEA) from Rs 1,500 per month per child to Rs 2,250 per month. Hostel subsidy has also gone up by Rs 4,500 per month to Rs 6,750 per month.

Cycling Allowance: The cycling allowance speaks volumes of the legendary reach of the Indian post office-from narrow to remote locations. While the pay panel recommends abolishing it, the Union Government retained it and doubled the rate to Rs 180 per month from the existing rates of Rs 90 per month for Department of Posts and Railways.

Coal Pilot Allowance: The coal pilot allowance is paid to Shuntmen and other Group-D staff of Indian Railways who accompany pilots in the collieries for shunting and similar other duties.

The breakdown allowance is granted to non-gazetted Railway officers who are earmarked for attending to breakdown duties. While the panel recommended abolishing it, the government retained it and enhanced the existing rates by 2.25 per cent. The government revised the rates from Rs 120 to Rs 300 per month to Rs 270 to Rs 675 per month.

Allowances of Armes Forces personnel: Armed Forces personnel who have been posted in difficult terrains including hilly areas. Rates of Siachen Allowance for soldiers have been increased from Rs 14,000 to Rs 30,000 on a monthly basis and from Rs 21,000 to Rs 42,500 for officers for extreme risk and hardship.

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