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Indian Railways News

Rail breakage between Belvandi and Visapur on Daund-Manmad Section of CR-Solapur Division on 11-1-2018

Train Running Pattern due to Rail Breakage between Belvandi and Visapur has been in force currently due to rail breakage after the block for construction of subway between Belvandi and Visapur on Daund-Manmad section of Solapur Division on 11.1.2018. As a result, the following mail/express trains are diverted and Passenger trains cancelled over Central Railway:

Express Trains Diverted JCO 11.1.2018

1.    12149 Pune-Danapur Express diverted via Pune-Lonavala-Igatpuri-Manmad
2.    12129 Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express diverted via Pune-Lonavala-Igatpuri-Manmad
3.    11037 Pune-Gorakhpur Express diverted via Pune-Lonavala-Igatpuri-Manmad
4.    12130 Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express JCO 10.1.2018 diverted via Manmad-Igatpuri-Lonavala-Pune
5.    02846 Hatia-Pune Special JCO 10.1.2018 diverted via Manmad-Igatpuri-Lonavala-Pune
6.    12150 Danapur-Pune Express JCO 10.1.2018 diverted via Manmad-Igatpuri-Lonavala-Pune
7.    51034 Sainagar Shirdi-CSMT Fast Passenger JCO 11.1.2018 diverted via Sainagar Shirdi-Manmad-Igatpuri-CSMT

Passenger Trains Cancelled

1.    51402 Manmad-Pune Passenger JCO 11.1.2018
2.    51401 Pune-Manmad Passenger JCO 12.1.2018

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