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Indian Railways News

Policy on Redevelopment of Railway Stations soon

The directorate of local bodies (DLB) will soon prepare a policy for ‘redevelopment of railway stations’ in the state under which various land use changes and construction approval will be provided.

The decision was taken in the recent land use conversion committee meeting which was chaired by Urban Housing and Development (UDH) Minister Shrichand Kriplani. Once the policy is framed, the state will introduce ‘redevelopment plan for railway stations’.

An official said, senior town planner of DLB has been given responsibility to draft the policy. “The policy would aim at reducing the losses of railway department and provide facilities to the passengers,” said the official.

According to sources, the need of policy was urged, when during the meeting, discussions occurred to change the land-use of 4,000 square metre land of Sawai Madhopur railway station into commercial.

“After the discussions, it was decided to draft a uniform policy to provide approval to all railway stations in the state,” he added.

It was also informed that the Centre has taken up the renovation work of all the major railway stations in the state. For the same, Railway Station Land Development Corporation has been constituted. The corporation will rope in private players to prepare and implement the redevelopment plan.

“The Centre would allow all the activities on stations and its premises that are mentioned in the Railway Act. It is necessary for the state to prepare a policy as per mandatory provisions, the Railways has to seek permission from the local bodies for constructing commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants etc,” he said.

In the state, the corporation has already prepared a redevelopment plan for Bikaner, Kota, Udaipur, Jaipur and Sawai Madhopur. Soon, the plan will be prepared for other railway stations in the state.

The official further said, “The draft of redevelopment plan would comprise details such as type of commercial activities that will be approved. Norms for constructing a building, including height, setbacks, parking space etc at railway station,” he said.

He added, “The plan would also give holistic map, how the area near these railway stations should be developed.”

The UDH will also soon make a plan to increase the width of narrow roads which are connecting to railway stations.

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