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Indian Railways News

Photo of Man Sleeping On Luggage Rack Of Mumbai Local Blows Internet Away

The local trains in Mumbai are infamous for being one of the busiest in the world. The number of people who board these trains to travel to different parts of Mumbai can give anyone chills down their spine. People have documented their struggle, just to get onboard a local train. And those who manage to get on the train, have described how they had to travel for a long time standing in a single position.

So, when there is news about a man sleeping on the luggage rack of a Mumbai local, it is bound to generate interest. The photo going viral shows the man wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt sleeping with his eyes covered with a cloth.

Taken by a fellow passenger, the photo was shared on Reddit with the caption “a little jealous ngl”. Soon, users started flooding the comment section, calling it a “daredevil act”.

“Doesn’t the cloth over his eyes look awfully similar to a ladies’ Kurta?” A user wrote.

“Yeh samaj hume chain se jeene nahi dega” another user wrote.

Commuters who take Mumbai local are familiar with overcrowded coaches and difficulties in getting a seat. But the man in now viral photo is sleeping carefree on the luggage rack.

“That’s what is available for common people of Mumbai…look at the rest of the people watching jealously..sad low class,” a user commented.

At least 2,342 trains run on the Mumbai sururban network and carry about 7.5 million commuters daily across a distance of 390 kilometres. The daily commuters on Mumbai locals constitute around 40 per cent of the daily commuters of Indian Railways.

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