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Indian Railways News

Now Indian Railway Waiting Rooms Will Have TVs, Beverages And Light snacks

If you happen to be a frequent train traveller who is tired of waiting for those much-delayed trains, then here’s a little good news for you. The Indian Railways’ waiting room will soon have TVs, beverage dispensing machines and light refreshments.

“The Delhi Division will undertake a pilot project for upgradation of waiting rooms with modern facilities for dispensing beverages, light refreshments, TVs, upgraded furniture, toilet facilities and other prescribed amenities and services under PPP mode through open bidding process,” a set of instructions sent from the railways’ transformation cell to the Northern Railway general manager said.

As a pilot project, the Delhi Division has been asked to undertake the upgradation of its waiting rooms by providing modern facilities for passengers. According to a senior railway official, “Passengers have to wait in waiting rooms for hours sometimes, especially during foggy weather when trains get delayed indefinitely. So, equipping the waiting room is just to make the passengers comfortable during the long wait.”

COMMENTSThe railway officials also said that once, the division implements the project successfully; the board might issue instructions to replicate the model across the railway network.

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