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Indian Railways News

Northern Railway achieved highest-ever Freight Loading during December 2017

During the month of December last year, the Northern Railways achieved the highest-ever freight loading in history.

“Northern Railways has achieved a revenue loading of 5.01MT during December 2017 which is the highest. Northern Railway has also surpassed the current year target of 4.99 MT for December and loading of 4.32 MT achieved in December last year. Loading in December is 0.02 MT (0.40 per cent) which is more than the target and 0.69 MT (15.97 per cent) more than last year,” said an official note.

There has been an increase in Revenue Loading Earning by 145.4 crore (21.50 per cent) and the Jumbo Loading per day has increased from last year.
“Jumbo Loading has increased from a level of 35.03 jumbo per day in December 2016 to 40.58 jumbos per day in December 2017 registering an increase of 15.84 per cent,” it added.

There has been a surge in throughput that has increased from 12731 wagons per day in December 2016 to 15213 wagons per day in December 2017 registering an improvement of 19.50 per cent.

Wagon Holding has also shown significant improvement during December 2017 it was 22,365 wagons per day against 24,642 wagons last year an improvement of 9.24 per cent over last year. Wagon turn round has improved from 1.91 in December 2016 to 1.66 achieved in December 2017 registering an improvement of 13.09 per cent in December 2017.

The long haul running has also increased substantially. During December 2017, 228 long hauls were run as compared to 41 long hauls in December 2016 registering an increase of 456.10 per cent.

During December 2017, a total of 703 crack trains were run against 423 cracks last year showing an increase of 66.19 per cent.

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