Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

Mumbai Train Driver Hits Emergency Brakes To Save A Man’s Life

A video shared by the Ministry of Railways shows how an alert train driver hit emergency brakes in the nick of time to save the life of a man lying on the tracks. The video was filmed at the Sewri station on the Harbour line of the Mumbai suburban railway network. The 50-second clip begins with the man wandering onto the railway tracks. Abruptly, he lies down on the tracks as the train approaches.

Within a few seconds, we can see the train slowing down and then coming to a complete halt as the loco pilot applied emergency brakes. Soon, three railway police personnel could be seen running up to the man and escorting him to safety. From the time stamp on the video, it’s evident that the incident occurred around 11.45 am on January 2.

In the tweet, the Ministry of Railways applauded the “work done by the motorman”, and added, “At Sewri station in Mumbai, the motorman saw a person lying on the track, he saved the life of the person by applying the emergency brake with promptness and understanding. Your life is precious, someone is waiting for you at home.”

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