Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

Ministry of Railways sign MoU with FS-Italferr – an Italian infrastructure and engineering Co

Your train journey from Delhi to Jaipur is about to get an upgrade. According to several reports, the Ministry of Railways has signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with an Italian infrastructure and engineering company FS-Italferr. With the company’s involvement, a feasibility study will be conducted, and the key focus will be to create a semi-high speed rail corridor between Delhi and Jaipur, with the aim of increasing the speed of the train (up to 200kms per hour), and reducing travel time significantly.

The distance between Delhi to Jaipur is 309kms, and the current situation allows passengers to travel to either cities in a span of 4 hours 30 minutes, with the speed being 75kms/hr on an average, and 110kms/hr at the maximum.

Details suggest that the Ministry of Railways has written to Northern Railways, Delhi, and North Western Railways with regard to the feasibility study, to help and support the Italian company, in order to complete the feasibility report. If implemented, this move is likely to be a game-changer for the Indian Railways, as they will be able to compete with airlines that enable passengers to travel between Delhi and Jaipur in only an hour.

This initiative can be added to a roster of growth strategies by the Indian Railways that include the expansion of the metro network across cities, bullet train facilities for passengers, and making luxury trains more affordable for tourists.

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