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Indian Railways News

Indian Railways to do away with Reservation Charts on trains from March 1

s Bengaluru Division (SBC).

The trains originating from these railway stations had no longer any reservation charts, and this exercise helped the Railways to save Rs 60 lakh in a year.

Hence, even if reservation charts are stopped at 10 such stations, Rs 6 crore can be saved per year.

Starting March 1st, Southern Railway will stop pasting reservation charts on all trains, and as per estimates, this will help them to save 28 tonnes of charting paper and Rs 1.70 lakh every year, per train.

SBC’s Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Sridhar Murthy has initially mooted this idea, which has now spread to the entire country.

In future, as per incoming reports, the concept of paper reservation chart would be totally abolished, and the passenger will have these 4 mediums to check the status of their ticket, and to find out the berth, coach:

  1. Digital Display at platforms
  2. Dial 139 and get IVR assistance
  3. SMS sent on their phones, with berth and coach number
  4. Ask TT of the train, as they will have a physical chart ready (which will soon change to digital gadgets)

In our opinion, this is a good initiative and will set a new example and standard for all other Govt. departments.

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