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Indian Railways Season Ticket Rules, Validity, Distance, Details Here

Indian Railways issues season tickets to passengers who travel regularly between residence and their place of work or study. Season tickets are issued for suburban as well as non-suburban sections. Fares for first class monthly season tickets (MST) are four times the second class MST fares. Mumbai local trains are one such example of suburban railway system being run by Indian Railways. Passengers who regularly travel in trains usually opt for season tickets in order to save time on buying tickets from counters. (Also Read: Tatkal Ticket Charges, Rules, Booking Timings Other Details Here)

Here are details of rules, distance covered and validity of season tickets being issued by Indian Railways:

1. Season tickets are issued up to 150 kilometres only. Season tickets for more than 150 kilometres are issued only on those sections where they were being issued prior to 1951 (except on those sections where they have been withdrawn due to lack of demand), according to Indian Railways website

2. Season tickets are not valid for travel in reserved coaches and trains. They are valid for travel by passenger trains. In the case of mail/ express/superfast trains, they are valid for travel by only those mail/express/superfast trains where it has specifically been permitted by Railway administration, Indian Railways noted.

3. Season ticket can be renewed 10 days in advance of the date of expiry. In such cases, it will be made valid only after the date of expiry and not from the date of renewal, Indian Railways said.

4. Season tickets to students are issued for first and second class up to the maximum distance of 150 kilometres.

5. The student monthly season tickets are charged at half of the normal adult season ticket fare and student quarterly season tickets will be charged at 2.7 times of the student MST fare, according to Indian Railways.

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