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Indian Railways News

Indian Railways Catering Charges: Items Offered By IRCTC With Prices, Other Details

Indian Railways offers catering services at both stations and trains. Indian Railways catering services are owned by IRCTC and include tea/coffee, breakfast and standard meals. Official twitter handle of Ministry of Railways- @RailMinIndia posted a video on its timeline which shows the itemised price list of all items sold on Indian Railways, with the detailed specification of what it includes. According to the Railways Ministry, passengers can avail fresh, hygienic and healthy food and beverages at economical prices.

1. Janta meal includes seven pooris, aloo dry curry and pickle is priced at Rs. 15 on all stations and at Rs. 20 inside the rail coaches.

2. Coffee in disposable cups is priced at Rs. 7 on both stations and trains, while coffee in pots is sold for Rs. 15 at both places.

3. Packaged rail neer (1 litre) is available at Rs. 15 on both stations and trains and 500 ml of packaged rail neer is available at Rs. 10 on both stations and trains.

4. Standard tea is available at Rs. 5 on both stations and trains while tea with tea bags is priced at Rs. 7. Tea in pots is available at Rs. 10.

5. Standard casserole veg meal is priced at Rs. 45 on stations and Rs. 50 on trains.

6. Non veg casserole non veg meal is priced at Rs. 50 on stations and Rs. 55 on trains.

7. Veg breakfast (that has various options that include bread butter and cutlet, idli and vada, upma and vada or pongal and vada) priced at Rs. 25 on stations, and Rs. 30 on trains.

8. Non-veg breakfast (that includes bread, butter and omelet) is priced at Rs. 30 on all stations and Rs. 35 on trains.

9. Standard thali of veg meal, which is available only in AC rooms of stations, is available at Rs. 35.

10. Standard thali of non-veg meal is priced at Rs. 40 and is available only in AC rooms of stations.

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