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Indian Railways News

How Woman Escaped Being Crushed Under Moving Train In Haryana

A woman escaped being run over by a train yesterday simply by lying low on the track as the carriages passed above her. The incident took place in Rohtak district of Haryana and was witnessed by scores and captured on camera.

The goods train had halted awaiting signal when the woman tried to cross over to the other side through underneath the train. She was trapped when the train suddenly began to move, ANI reported. The woman then lay still till all the bogies passed even as anxious, helpless onlookers watched. A few could be heard asking her to remain motionless.

Moments after the train passed, she was helped to her feet by people and she walked away, as captured by the video.

Last September, a video had emerged of a two-year-old boy emerging scratch-less from under a train that had passed just as he was pushed onto the track by his brother while playing. That incident took place at Ballabhgarh station in Faridabad district near Delhi.

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