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Indian Railways News

GM/Western Railway A.K.Gupta Inaugurates Knowledge Centre at Parel Workshop

Shri A.K. Gupta – General Manager of Western Railway inaugurated a Knowledge Center at Lower Parel Workshop in Mumbai on 24th March, 2018.

The workshop was aimed at imparting training of material handling equipments to the staff of the Indian Railways, covering all the technical aspects, making employees more proficient.

The Carriage Repair Workshop at Lower Parel was nominated to develop “Knowledge Center” for material handling equipments over Indian Railways. The center will act as a knowledge provider for maintenance of all types of material handling equipment features forklift, Lister truck, and hydra.

The knowledge center has also developed a website, which has information about the maintenance procedure, dos & don’ts trouble shooting guide and the list of spares.

It is also equipped with crack item, which consists of trained supervisors and artisans who are ready to move to any location on the Indian Railways in case of emergency repairs. The center has also developed an Android-based mobile application.

The knowledge center is also equipped with a conference room, library and cut models, which are displayed prominently in the center.

Shri A.K. Gupta appreciated the efforts and announced to present Rs. 25,000/- for the efforts put in the making of the PL workshop

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