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Indian Railways News

Flagging Off of newly built GPS Based 3-Phase Indigenous EMU Train with CCTV Cameras in Ladies Compartment

South East Central Railway informed Media about GPS based 3-Phase technologically upgraded EMU Local having CCTV Cameras in Ladies Coach to be flagged off from the New Complex of Howrah Station on 22/3/2018 at 13.00 hours, in the presense of S.N.Agrawal, General Manager, KRK Reddy, Divisional Railway Manager, Kharagpur, South Eastern Railway.

The coaches of this 3-Phase EMU Local are fitted with LED lights, CCTV Camera in ladies compartment and many other attractive features. The new 12-coach rake with carrying capacity of 6050 passengers will be utilized in suburban sections of South Eastern Railway. With introduction of this 12-Car new rake, the passengers of suburban section will be greatly benefitted.


South Eastern Railway has also undertaken massive Track Renewal and Engineering Works spreading over all its sections. As a result of these track renovation and engineering works, the mobility of trains has been increased considerably. This has been done by reducing permanent speed restriction, expeditious removal of temporary speed restrictions to maintain long restriction free stretches, running of trains with right powering to the extent possible, restriction free stretches 50 Km or more and sectional speed acceleration.

The raising of speed in some important sections  i.e. :  Bokaro N cabin-Talgoria section raising from 50 kmph to 60 kmph, Shyamchak –Kharagpur 3rd line from 100 kmph to 110 kmph, Muri to Kotshila from 105 kmph to 110 kmph, Kotshila-Rajabera from 105 kmph to 110 kmph, Chandil-Muri from 95 kmph to 110 kmph, Rajharkharswan-Mahalimarup 3rd line from 100 kmph to 110 kmph, Adityapur-Gamharia 3rd line from 90 kmph to 110 kmph, Posoita-Manoharpur 3rd line from 80 kmph to 110 kmph, Bhojudi –Gomoh from 105 kmph to 110 kmph, Burnpur-Joychandipahar from 100 kmph to 110 kmph, Adra-Bhojudih from 100 kmph to 110 kmph, Muri-Barkakana from 95 kmph to 110 kmph, Pendrasali-Jhinkpani 3rd line 80 kmph to 90 kmph etc. along with some other sections over South Eastern Railway.

As a result the movement of freight trains will be increased without any hurdles achieving reduction of transit time under the jurisdiction of South Eastern Railway. The passenger trains over all sections of South Eastern Railway will also gain speed. The works have also been done in all suburban sections and the train movements in suburban sections will be smoother without any loss of punctuality.

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