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Cyclist Nearly Killed By Train After Squeezing Through Safety Barriers

A cyclist in London was nearly killed by a train in his attempt to hurriedly cross the tracks. The impatient man was caught on video breaching safety barriers near railways tracks.

The video shows the agitated man squeezing through the barriers along with his bicycle. He then walks towards the tracks when a train suddenly zooms past him. But instead of learning his lesson, the man angrily throws his arms in the air for being obstructed by the train. For real.

The incident reportedly happened on May 11 in West London’s North Sheen area. The video has been retweeted nearly 3,000 times.

Ironically, the foot-over bridge was just few metres ahead of the railway crossing, as many pointed out on Twitter. The person who witness the incident and uploaded the video informed that the man did eventually use the foot-over bridge because the train made an emergency stop.

When asked why the witness just stood there watching, he said, “Yep. He was kicking the s**t out of the barrier before this. Would you approach?”

The British Transport Police are now investigating the incident and are looking for the man.

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