Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

Cornet Technology announces successful commissioning of pilot project on Train Control Communication System

Cornet Technology announces the successful commissioning the pilot project on Train Control Communication System (TCCS) for Indian Railways under RDSO in cooperation with Cornet Technology (India) and Bitcom Technologies (India).

The new IP-based TCCS voice communications system surpasses the existing legacy system by allowing personnel at train stations and way stations to communicate and conference using customized phone terminals over a modern IP infrastructure with recording capabilities in a user-friendly manner.

The new system leverages the Indian Railways’ IP networks to lower the cost of ownership while greatly increasing reliability and capability. The Cornet Technology system can also be introduced as a technology insertion to bridge existing railway systems to Indian Railways’ IP infrastructure.

“We consider the TCCS to be mission critical and vital for train operations and look forward to this system to benefit the entire Indian Railways in the near future. We are excited to a part of Indian Railways’ modernization plans,” said V. Ramgopal, President of Cornet Technology (India).

About Cornet Technology, Inc. 

Cornet Technology, Inc. is a leading C4ISR and tactical communications equipment supplier to the defense and industrial customers in the United States and overseas. Cornet’s solutions deliver voice/video/data communications and video management solutions to some of the world’s most exacting users. Headquartered outside of Washington DC, Cornet Technology has wholly owned subsidiaries in Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and Chennai (India).

More information on CTI’s products and services is available at the CTI web site

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