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Complete Track Renewal units kept for Track Renewal works on Indian Railways

For the year 2017-18, a target of 3600 km in Complete Track Renewal (CTR) units has been kept for track renewal on Indian Railways. (One km of Through Rail Renewal is counted as 0.5 km CTR units and one km of Through Sleeper Renewal is counted as 0.5 km CTR units).

Railway tracks are replaced through track renewal works which is an ongoing process. Track renewal works are undertaken as and when stretch of track becomes due for renewal on age/condition basis as per criteria laid down in Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual. If any stretch of track is not renewed in time due to various reasons, suitable speed restrictions, if required, are imposed to ensure safe running of trains.

Details of track renewals are maintained Zonal Railway-wise and not State-wise. The targets fixed and actual progress of track renewal for these Zonal Railways for the last three year and current year are as under:

Zonal Railway 2014-15   2015-16   2016-17   2017-18
Target Actual Renewal Target Actual Renewal Target Actual Renewal Target Actual Renewal*
Western Railway 165 194 190 229 216 240 252 280
Central Railway 200 205 220 185 220 195 275 186
South Central 175 208 190 278 118 150 147 154
South Western 102 96 110 118 105 117 170 146
South East Central 102 107 120 119 174 123 161 138
Target and Actual Renewal in km of CTR units………………………………………Upto January, 2017

Track Renewal works are planned in advance every year and their execution is prioritized according to the condition of track. This information was made available in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha.

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