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Indian Railways News

China Can Help India Upgrade Rail Network: Chinese Daily

India can accelerate its rail upgrading process and shorten the investment time if it cooperates with China, a Chinese daily has said.

“Over the past decade, China has developed a new high-speed rail network, surpassing Western countries in terms of technology and standards,” staff writer Wang Jiamei wrote in the state-run Global Times.

“As the only country that has pursued large-scale railway construction in recent years, China now has the world’s most extensive rail network,” the report said.

“This unparalleled advantage makes it a perfect partner for any country that would like to develop transportation infrastructure to propel economic growth,” it said.

“As such, it makes perfect sense for India to take a shortcut to cooperate with China in order to revitalize its rail system and management levels,” the commentary said.
Mr Jiamei said cooperation with China would offer a shortcut for countries like India that tend to copy the Chinese model.

India has one of the largest railway networks in the world but it suffers frequent train accidents, the daily said.

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