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Indian Railways News

Charbagh Junction to receive International makeover

Lucknow’s Charbagh Railway Station, one of the two main railway stations of the city, will soon receive a makeover just like the International airports.

According to reports, Rs 6,000 crore will be spent by the Indian Railways on the project with a world-class look which is expected to be completed within three years.

Currently, around 110 pairs of coaching that is 220 trains and 33 pairs of goods are handled by this station and in order to meet the increased demand of traffic, a complete revamping of the station has been planned.

A concourse of 9 meters height, which will be approximately 180 meters in length and will cover all the platforms on the station, has been planned.

Kalzip roofing has been planned which will have a retail area, washrooms, waiting area, travelators, polyclinics, food court, shopping area, ATM and drinking water facilities.

In order to handle more traffic through the station, two additional platforms are being made.

As per reports, the outer heritage look of the station will be preserved while the inside part will be transformed completely and will be disabled-friendly as well.

The Charbagh Junction will also be connected to the Lucknow Metro, and will also undergo an expansion.

On 23 April 1867, the 47 mile Lucknow-Kanpur section was opened for the traffic which was a large orchard. The present Lucknow division, in 1925, was part of the East Indian Railway till 1952.

The word ‘Char Bagh’ refers to the four gardens which existed here earlier.

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