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Indian Railways News

Central Railway wins Championship Rolling Trophy “Vrushawali 2018” Flower Show

Central Railway, Mumbai Division won the Championship Rolling Trophy in the 10th Plants, Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Show “Vrushawali 2018”  organised by Thane Municipal Corporation at Thane from 12.1.2018 to 14.1.2018.  Shri D.K. Sharma, General Manager, Central Railway congratulated the horticulture team for their efforts.

CR won First prize in 7 categories viz. Foliage plants in pots; Annuals grown in pots, Flowering plants, Bougainvillea, Outstanding Orchids, Roses HT in pots, Cut Flowers – Annuals.

Second Prize in 9 categories viz. mass display of potted plants (sunny situation), mass display of potted plants (shady situation), Bonsai/Landscape bonsai, Succulents, Roses Floribunda in pots, Roses miniature in pots, Fruits grown in pots, Vegetable grown in pots, Landscape on the spot.

Third prize in 7 categories viz. Collection of flowering creepers, Cacti, Orchids collection, Cut flower- Biennial and Perennial, Medicinal plants in pots, Flowering and Avenue Tree in pots, Hanging Baskets.

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