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Indian Railways News

All-Women Railway Station In Jaipur’s Gandhinagar A First For Rajasthan

Women run the show at Jaipur’s Gandhinagar railway station. From operation, reservation and booking staff personnel to railway protection force, 40 women have been tasked with the responsibility to operate and manage the important railway station, making it an “all-women railway station”. The Gandhinagar railway station is situated on the Jaipur-Delhi rail route and more than 50 trains pass through this station every day. The station has a daily footfall of more than 7,000 passengers.

The women employees working at this station have been trained to manage all operations at the station. CCTV cameras and sanitary napkin vending machines have also been installed at the all-women railway station. Five other stations – Ajmer, Udaipur, Abu Road, Bikaner and Sadulpur – have samitary napkin vending machines.

The Gandhinagar railway station is the second in the country to be managed solely by women – the first being Matunga in Mumbai.

 “Railways is leading by an example to empower women and bring positive change in the society,” said Coal and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. He tweeted.

Prior to this, an all-women police patrol team was also deployed in Jaipur last year to set eve-teasers right. The squad, deployed at over 200 check-points in the city, patrol on two-wheelers to help women and girls in distress.

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