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Indian Railways News

Ahead Of Women’s Day, Breastfeeding Cabins To Come Up At Railway Stations

Ahead of The International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, Indian Railways has taken a commendable step of setting up breastfeeding cabins at Kollam Railway Station in Kerala. The first cabin is a precursor to several such cabins that are likely to come up at Kerala railway stations.

In a tweet, ministry of railways has shared a news article highlights the news along with two pictures of the breastfeeding cabins.

The two cabins that have been set up at Kollam Railway Station were sponsored by Royal City as a part of the project’s first phase. The cabins are painted in pink colour and carry a representative of picture of a woman breastfeeding her child. Each cabin is equipped with a seat for mother, fan, and light. The cabin also provides a tiny space for stuffing the belongings temporarily. It took Royal City nearly Rs. 50,000 to set up the cabin.

The earlier plan was to set up these cabins near bus stops, but to prevent the cabins from being misused, the plan got shelved. Later, it was decided to set up the cabins at railway stations instead in Kerala.

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