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5 Things To Know About Indian Railways Online Booking For Special Occasions

Indian Railways has made the online booking of train coaches for special occasions like marriage party or tour easier. According to a circular by the Railway Board, booking of special trains, coaches, saloons on full tariff rate (FTR) shall now be booked through a ‘single window booking system’ of the Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation (IRCTC). Passengers seeking to book trains/coaches on full tariff rate need to approach the IRCTC and the IRCTC will book trains/coaches online on behalf of him/her, stated the circular. IRCTC is the online ticketing arm of Indian Railways.

Here are 5 things to know about Indian Railways booking for special occasions:

1. Any individual/party/government/agency wanting to book trains/coaches/saloons on FTR can approach IRCTC and IRCTC will place indent online on behalf of the individual/party for booking of special trains/coaches on FTR, said the circular.

2. IRCTC shall levy facilitation charges at 5 per cent of total fare for booking of special trains/coaches/saloons on FTR, on behalf of individual/party for co-ordination work, the circular added.

3. According to Indian Railways, priority shall be accorded for booking of special trains/coaches/saloons on FTR over extra coaches to clear waitlisted passengers.

4. Registration of special trains/coaches/saloons shall be made minimum one month in advance and not before six months of the date of proposed journey. Registration in period short of one month shall require special permission of the CPTM of the zonal railways on a case to case basis, the circular further added.

5. Indian Railways has fixed a security deposit of Rs. 50,000 per coach and for special trains a minimum of 18 coaches will be charged. The entire transaction in the new online system will have to be digital, the board said.

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