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Indian Railways News

28 Solar Power Plants on Central Railway generate 924 KWp of Electricity

As part of its campaign to promote green/renewable energy, the Central Railway has installed a total 28 solar power plants with a capacity of 924 kilowatt peak (KWp) on its five divisions and at a workshop.

Mumbai and Solapur divisions have nine plants each, while Pune, Nagpur and Bhusaval have three plants each and one is at the Matunga workshop in Mumbai, an official said.

“Apart from above, wind and solar energy installations have been provided at eight locations with a total capacity of 44 KWp and stand-alone solar installations have been provided at various small stations, level crossing gates and street lights at 953 locations with a total capacity of 49 KWp,” the official stated.

The plants at Sanpada and Matunga Workshop having capacity of 1000 KWp each are in various stages of implementation. Once completed the expected energy generation of these plants will be 25 lakh units per year.

LED lights, which save energy as compared to conventional lights, have already been provided at 250 railway stations on Central Railway. LED lighting at remaining 188 stations will be provided by March 2018, the official stated. The estimated annual energy savings will be 1.4 crore units, which will result in savings of Rs 13 crore every year, the official added.

An agreement has also been signed in presence of CR general manager D.K. Sharma to provide LEDs in place of old fittings. Under this agreement Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL, a joint venture of PSUs under Ministry of Power, will provide Rs 30 crore funds initially.

The CR will pay back quarterly instalments to EESL from the savings achieved from energy bills by retaining some part of savings for the next five years, an official said. The agreement is for five years and during this period EESL will replace defective fittings and equipments, if any.

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