Indian Railways News

Indian Railways News

MRVC floats Tender inviting Consultants to Study Social Impact of Panvel-Virar Corridor

Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd floated tender to onboard a Consultant to carry out the Social Impact Assessment and Social Safeguards Action Plan for Panvel-Virar New Suburban Corridor project for seeking finance from the World Bank towards the cost of the proposed Suburban Corridor Panvel – Virar (70.4 km) of Central & Western Railway.

The Consultant will work towards identification of potential Social Impact of the project, recommendation with specific measures to avoid/mitigate the impacts, formulation of implementable Social Management Plan (SMP) integrating specific measures to avoid the identified impacts along with appropriate monitoring and supervision mechanism, review the project component and identified possible social issues to be addressed during planning, design construction and operation of project and recommend suitable institutional mechanism to monitor and supervise effective implementation of EMP. The draft Terms of Reference for this assignment can be found at . The short listing criteria are:

  1. Experience of major similar assignment completed/in progress in past 10 years for infrastructure works/projects with preference for experience on Railway Projects.
  2. Financial status with consultancy turnover of past 5 years
  3. Availability of appropriate skills among key personnel, team composition etc.
  4. Response to TOR
  5. Credentials of the firm

Consultant will be selected in accordance with the QCBS method set out in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulation for IPF Borrowers, July 2016 issued by World Bank.

The Mumbai Suburban Railway network on Central and Western Railways has about 376 route Kms. Every day about 7.6 million people travel in Suburban section in more than 2900 train services. There is severe overcrowding in the Suburban trains and during peak hours passengers carried are more than four times the carrying capacity. Given the geographical constraints, spread of the population and location of business areas, the rail network will continue to be the principal mode of mass transport in Mumbai. The cost of the project is shared equally by MOR & GoM.

MRVC has accordingly completed MUTP Phase I in 2012; works of MUTP Phase II sanctioned in 2008-09 are under progress and expected to be completed by 2019-20. MUTP Phase III has been sanctioned in November 2016. Panvel-Diva-Vasai road – Virar New Suburban corridor project included in the Railway Budget 2017-2018 in Parliament of India and is under process of sanction by Ministry of Railways.

Panvel-Virar Suburban Corridor is 70.17 Km long double line project having 24 stations. It is 17 Km elevated and 53Kmat Grade. The Corridor is planned almost parallel to existing section except a small length from Nilje to Kopar.

Panvel-Virar is being considered for funding by World Bank. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Management Plan including Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) are required as per World Bank safeguard policy.

The DPR for Panvel-Virar has been carried out by MRVC and study reports are available. Work of Interim Consultancy (IC) is under process of finalization . The relevant details from these consultancies will be shared with the SIA consultant.

Ministry of Railways sets “Zero Scrap Balance Target” for all Zonal Railways

NEW DELHI: All General Managers of Zonal Railways have been advised to strictly monitor the e-auction of scrap. Total scrap sales till December 2017 of current financial year has reached to Rs. 1837 crores which is 22% higher than the corresponding sales of Rs. 1503 crores upto December 2016 of the year 2016-17

Earnings from sale of Railway scrap not only augments Railways revenue but also helps in keeping the Railway track, stations, workshops, depots neat and tidy.  In this regard, Ministry of Railways has directed all Zonal Railway & Production units to achieve Zero scrap balance by end of March 2018.  General Managers of all the Zonal Railways/PUs have been advised to regularly monitor this activity and to intensify supervision at senior officers’ level so as to promptly identify scrap and offer it for e-auction.

With the concerted efforts by all the Railways, total scrap sales till December 2017 of current financial year has reached to Rs. 1837 crores which is 22% higher than the corresponding sales of Rs. 1503 crores upto December 2016 of the year 2016-17.

Indian Railways have been selling its internally generated scrap entirely through   online e-auction.  Majority of the scrap material comprises of worn-out rails and track fittings released from track renewal/gauge conversion, steel scrap generated in course of overhaul /repairs of rolling stocks, other non-ferrous and miscellaneous scrap.

The e-auction module is part of the IREPS (Indian Railways E-Procurement System) which is a single portal of Indian Railways handling all procurements tenders and e-auctions digitally. All the Zonal Railways and Production Units use this single platform for online sales of scrap.  Monthly on an average, 200 e-auctions are conducted by Materials Managers in Divisions and Stores Depots spread all over Indian Railways.

Auction schedules and details of saleable materials are published regularly on IREPS website & updated online. The endeavor shall be continued so as to achieve the task of Zero scrap balance by end of March 201

WR announces closure of Subway between Andheri and Jogeshwari for Four Days

Subway No.40 situated between Andheri and Jogeshwari will remain closed for road traffic from 00:00 hrs during 26th & 27thth January, 2018 to 08:00 hrs of 30th January, 2018 for 4 days approx. for re-girdering work on Up & Down through lines (Fast Line). During Re-girdering, machineries and equipment will be placed in the subway. Hence, the subway will be occupied by these equipments during the re-girdering work. The subway will thus be closed for vehicular road traffic. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted by Western Railway.

प्रेस विज्ञप्ति क्रः 2018/1 – मुंबई, 23 जनवरी, 2018

अंधेरी एवं जोगेश्वरी स्टेशनों के

बीच का सबवे 4 दिन रहेगा बंद

अंधेरी तथा जोगेश्वरी के मध्य स्थित सबवे संख्या 40 पर अप तथा डाउन (फास्ट लाइन) पर री-गर्डरिंग कार्य के कारण यह सबवे 26 एवं 27 जनवरी, 2018 की मध्य रात्रि को 00.00 बजे से 30 जनवरी, 2018 को 8.00 बजे तक लगभग 4 दिनों हेतु सड़क यातायात के लिए बंद रहेगा। री-गर्डरिंग के दौरान सबवे में मशीनरी/उपस्कर लगाये जायेंगे। री-गर्डरिडग कार्य के दौरान ये उपस्कर सबवे में मौजूद रहेंगे। अतः यह सबवे सड़क वाहनों के लिए बंद रहेगा। इस व्यवस्था के कारण होने वाली असुविधा के लिए पश्चिम रेलवे द्वारा खेद व्यक्त किया गया है।

For New Mumbai Bridges, Army Draws On “War Store” Near Doklam

The clashes in Western Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj town have led to tragedy for three families — one of them lost a 22-year-old while two others have their loved ones recovering in local hospitals. So far, 112 people have been arrested for the fresh violence that erupted on Saturday after the cremation of the young man, who died during the clashes on Friday.

Chandan Gupta died of a bullet injury in the clashes that broke out during a “Tiranga bike rally” by activists of the RSS-backed students’ group, ABVP and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He was participating in the rally.

A student of commerce at a local college, Chandan Gupta he was involved with a local non-profit. His parents say he participated in activities like blanket distribution and blood donation drives. His family is now staging a dharna in Kasganj asking for swift justice in the case.

A cellphone video of the rally accessed by NDTV shows hundreds of young men, many holding saffron flags, standing at one of the streets.  Reports say they were asked by locals to move off, but they refused. In the video, they could be heard saying they won’t change route. Slogans were being shouted, that said everyone will have to say “Vande Mataram” if they wish to live in India.

Reports say the violence started soon after, during which stones were thrown and gunshots were heard.

Naushad, a labourer who was on his home from his work, got caught in the crossfire. A bullet hit his leg. “I could not react in time. Before I knew it, I felt a deep pain in my leg,” said Naushad, who is at a local hospital. Doctors say he is out of danger.

His eye has been operated upon at a hospital in Aligarh, where he is still admitted.

“I never imagined something like this could happen,” Mr Akram said. He said he saw the mob but in the darkness, thought they were cops. “Soon that mob set on me. I folded my hands and pleaded with them. But they assaulted me. After beating me and threatening to set my car on fire, they let me go. I guess some of them had some sanity left,” he said.


Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Short-Termination of Trains on account of Engg Block from 23rd to 25th Jan-2018 on WR

Western Railway has decided to cancel/partially cancel/short terminate/regulate few trains plying over Ahmedabad Division of Western Railway between Unjha to Bhandu Motidau stations of Mahesana to Palanpur section for three days from 23rd January to 25th January, 2018. The block will be undertaken   for five hours on Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018, for three hours on Wednesday, 24thJanuary, 2018 and for three hours on Thursday, 25th January, 2018, respectively.

Trains Cancelled/Partially Cancelled

  • Train No. 79431/79437 Ahmedabad Junction – Mahesana Junction – Abu Road from 22/01/2018 to 25/01/2018.
  • Train No. 79438/79432 Abu Road – Mahesana Junction – Ahmedabad Junction from 23/01/2018 to 26/01/2018.
  • Train No. 19411/19412 Ahmedabad Junction – Ajmer Junction – Ahmedabad Junction from 23/01/2018 to 25/01/2018.
  • Train No. 54805 Ahmedabad – Jaipur Passenger will remain cancelled between Ahmedabad to Abu Road stations from 23/01/2018 to 25/01/2018.
  • Train No. 54804 Ahmedabad – Jodhpur Passenger will remain cancelled between Ahmedabad to Abu Road stations 23/01/2018 to 26/01/2018.

Trains Short Terminated

  • Train No. 54803 Jodhpur – Ahmedabad of 23/01/2018 to 25/01/2018 will be short terminated at Abu Road and will remain cancelled between Abu Road to Ahmedabad Junction stations.
  • Train No. 54806 Jaipur – Ahmedabad Passenger of 22/01/2018 to 25/01/2018 will be short- terminated at Abu Road and will remain cancelled between Abu Road to Ahmedabad Junction stations.

WR convey regrets due to the inconvenience caused to passengers.

प्रेस विज्ञप्ति क्र. 2018/01  / मुंबई, 23 जनवरी, 2018

इंजीनियरिंग ब्लॉक के कारण 23 जनवरी से 25 जनवरी, 2018 तक

 पश्चिम रेलवे की कुछ ट्रेनें रद्द/आंशिक रूप से रद्द/शॉर्ट टर्मिनेटेड रहेगी

पश्चिम रेलवे के अहमदाबाद मंडल के कुछ ट्रेनों को महेसाणा-पालनपुर खंड के ऊंझा तथा भांडू मोतीदाउ स्टेशनों के बीच 23 जनवरी से 25 जनवरी, 2018 तक लिये जाने वाले इंजीनियरिंग ब्लॉक के कारण रद्द/आंशिक रूप से रद्द/शॉर्ट टर्मिनेटेड रखा जायेगा। मंगलवार, 23 जनवरी, 2018 को पाँच घंटे का, बुधवार, 24 जनवरी, 2018 को तीन घंटे का तथा गुरुवार, 25 जनवरी, 2018 को तीन घंटे का ब्लॉक रखा जायेगा।

रद्द ट्रेनें/आंशिक रूप से रद्द ट्रेनें

  • 22/01/2018 से 25/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं. 79431/79437 अहमदाबाद जं.-महेसाणा जं. आबू रोड पैसेंजर
  • 23/01/2018 से 26/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं. 79438/79432 आबू रोड-महेसाणा जं.-अहमदाबाद जं. पैसेंजर
  • 23/01/2018 से 25/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं. 19411/19412 अहमदाबाद जं.-अजमेर जं.-अहमदाबाद जं. एक्सप्रेस
  • 23/01/2018 से 25/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं. 54805 अहमदाबाद-जयपुर पैसेंजर अहमदाबाद से आबू रोड स्टेशनों के बीच रद्द रहेगी।
  • 23/01/2018 से 26/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं. 54804 अहमदाबाद-जोधपुर पैसेंजर अहमदाबाद से आबू रोड स्टेशनों के बीच रद्द रहेगी।

शॉर्ट टर्मिनेटेड ट्रेनें

  • 23/01/2018 से 25/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं 54803 जोधपुर-अहमदाबाद पैसेंजर आबू रोड स्टेशन पर शॉर्ट टर्मिनेटेड होगी तथा आबू रोड से अहमदाबाद के बीच रद्द रहेगी।
  • 22/01/2018 से 25/01/2018 की ट्रेन सं 54806 जयपुर-अहमदाबाद पैसेंजर आबू रोड स्टेशन पर शॉर्ट टर्मिनेटेड होगी तथा आबू रोड से अहमदाबाद के बीच रद्द रहेगी।

उपरोक्त व्यवस्था के कारण यात्रियों को होने वाली असुविधा के लिए पश्चिम रेलवे द्वारा खेद व्यक्त किया गया है।

SCR announce extension of Gauthami Express and Cocanada Express upto Lingampalli

Railway Board has approved the extension of Train No. 12775/12776 Kakinada Town – Secunderabad – Kakinada Town ( Tri- weekly express)  & Train No. 12737/12738 Kakinada Port – Secunderabad – Kakinada Port  Gautami express  up to Lingampalli  with effect from 8th April, 2018 from Kakinada and 9th April, 2018 from Lingampalli with revised timings:-

The present and Revised Timetabl

Timings of  Train No 12775 Kakinada Town – Lingampalli Tri- weekly Express:

Station Present Timings of Train No. 12775 Kakinada Town – Secunderabad ExpressArrive/Departure Revised Train No & Timings of 12775 Kakinada Town – Secunderabad ExpressArrive/Departure
Kakinada Town 20:10 20:15
Rajahmundry 21:05/21:08 21:10/21:12
Tanuku 21:49/21:50 21:49/21:50
Bhimavaram Town 22:29/22:30 22:29/22:30
Akividu 22:54/22:55 22:54/22:55
Kaikalur 23:15/23:16 23:15/23:16
Gudivada 23:57/23:58 23:57/23:58
Vijayawada 01:00/01:15 01:00/01:15
Khammam 02:19/02:20 02:19/02:20
Warangal 03:55/03:57 03:55/03:57
Secunderabad 06:55 06:45/06:50
Begumpet 06:59/07:00
Lingampalli 07:30

 Timings of Train No 12776 Lingampalli – Kakinada Town  Tri- weekly Express:

Station Present Timings of Train No. 12776 Secunderabad – Kakinada Town Tri-weekly ExpressArrive/Departure Revised Timings of 12776 Lingampalli  – Kakinada Town Tri-weekly Express Arrive/Departure
Lingampalli 20:00
Begumpet 20:24/20:25
Secunderabad 20:45 20:40/20:45
Warangal 22:48/22:50 22:48/22:50
Khammam 00:08/00:10 00:08/00:10
Vijayawada 01:50/02:05 01:50/02:05
Gudivada 02:56/02:57 02:56/02:57
Kaikalur 03:26/03:27 03:26/03:27
Akividu 03:51/03:52 03:51/03:52
Bhimavaram Town 04:17/04:18 04:17/04:18
Tanuku 04:51/04:52 04:51/04:52
Rajahmundry 05:50/05:52 05:50/05:52
Kakinada Town 07:25 07:18

Timings of  Train No 12737 Kakinada Port – Lingampalli Gautami Express:

 Station Present Timings of Train No. 12737 Kakinada Port – Secunderabad ExpressArrive/Departure Revised Timings of Train No.12737 Kakinada Port –  Lingampalli   ExpressArrive/Departure
Kakinada Port 20:20 19:10
Kakinada Town 20:28/20:33 19:18/19:23
Samalkot 20:49/20:50 19:36/19:38
Dwarapudi 21:10/21:11 20:00/20:01
Rajahmundry 21:35/21:40 20:25/20:27
Kovvur 21:52/21:53 20:40/20:42
Nidadavolu 22:06/22:07 20:54/20:55
Tadepalligudem 22:22/22:24 21:13/21:14
Eluru 22:56/22:57 21:46/21:47
Vijayawada 00:15/00:30 23:00/23:20
Madhira 01:22/01:23 00:01/00:02
Khammam 01:48/01:50 00:32/00:33
Dornakal 02:13/02:14 00:54/00:55
Mahabubabad 02:34/02:35 01:12/01:13
Nekkonda 02:50/02:51 01:34/01:35
Warangal 03:28/03:29 02:08/02:10
Kazipet 03:44/03:45 02:23/02:25
Zangaon 04:29/04:30 03:09/03:10
Aler 04:50/04:51 03:26/03:27
Bhongir 05:14/05:15 03:49/03:50
Secunderabad 06:35 05:20/05:25
Begumpet 05:33/05:34
Lingampalli 06:05

Timings of  Train No 12738 Lingampalli – Kakinada Port  Express:

Station Present Timings of Train No. 12738 Secunderabad  – Kakinada Port ExpressArrive/Departure Revised  Timings of Train No.12738 Lingampalli – Kakinada Port ExpressArrive/Departure
Lingampalli —- 20:30
Begumpet —- 20:51/20:52
Secunderabad 21:15 21:10/21:15
Bhongir 21:54/21:55 21:54/21:55
Aler 22:14/22:15 22:14/22:15
Zangaon 22:24/22:25 22:24/22:25
Kazipet 23:18/23:20 23:18/23:20
Warangal 23:33/23:35 23:33/23:35
Nekkonda 00:00/00:01 00:00/00:01
Mahabubabad 00:21/00:22 00:21/00:22
Dornakal 00:54/00:55 00:54/00:55
Khammam 01:08/01:10 01:08/01:10
Madhira 01:39/01:40 01:39/01:40
Vijayawada 03:00/03:15 03:00/03:15
Eluru 04:06/04:07 04:06/04:07
Tadepalligudem 04:39/04:40 04:39/04:40
Nidadavolu 04:57/04:58 04:57/04:58
Kovvur 05:10/05:11 05:10/05:11
Rajahmundry 05:37/05:39 05:37/05:39
Dwarapudi 06:01/06:02 06:01/06:02
Samalkot 06:30/06:31 06:30/06:31
Kakinada Town 06:50/06:55 06:50/06:55
Kakinada Port 07:30 07:24

Special Trains From Narsapur to Secunderabad

In order to clear extra rush of passengers, SCR will run one Special Trains from Narsapur to Secunderabad as detailed below:-

Accordingly, Train No. Train No. 07255 Narsapur – Secunderabad special train will depart Narsapur  at 21.10 hrs on 28th January, 2018  and arrive Secunderabad at 08:25 hrs on the next day.

Enroute this special train will stop at Palakollu, Bhimavaram Jn, Bhimavaram Town, Akividu, Kaikalur, Gudivada, Vijayawada, Guntur, Piduguralla, Miryalaguda and Nalgonda stations.

This special train consist of AC II Tier, AC III Tier, Sleeper Class and Brake van cum Luggage Coach.

GM/SCR undertakes Annual Inspection of Parli-Nanded-Mudkhed Section

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railway undertook inspection of Parli-Nanded-Mudkhed Section on Nanded Division today i.e., 23rd January, 2018. He was accompanied by Shri Trikalagya Rabha, Divisional Railway Manager, Nanded Division.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav commenced Annual inspection with Manned Level Crossing Gate between Parli-Wadgaon of Nanded Division. He interacted with Gateman and checked the working system and inspected the safety equipment available with Gateman. At Gangakher, General Manager inspected Railway Station covering entire Circulating Area, Waiting Halls, Yard and Railway Colony. He inspected major bridge at Gangakher railway station. He inaugurated Solar Battery Room, Children’s Park in the colony and planted saplings as part of green initiative. The General Manager met public representatives and discussed issues at Gangakher railway station.

At Parbhani, the General Manager extensively inspected station premises, circulating area, passenger amenities, CCTV room, Retiring room, Goods shed etc. He briefed the media personnel about developmental plans on Nanded Division. He stated that SCR is according high priority to electrification, doubling of Nanded Division. He also stated that additional Road Over Bridge and Ladies Waiting Hall will be constructed soon. Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav reviewed ongoing Escalator Works at Parbhani station. The General Manager met public representatives and discussed issues related to Parbhani railway station. He conducted a speed test between Pingli-Mirkhel stations.

At Purna, Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav inspected station, Divisional Engineering Training Centre, Permanent-Way Office and stores etc. He also inspected Community Hall and launched online web portal for booking of Railway Institutes and Community Hall. The General Manager inspected Combined Crew Booking Lobby and Running Room and checked the facilities made available for Loco Pilots and interacted with staff. Public Representatives from Purna region met Shri Vinod Kumar and submitted their representations

At Nanded, Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav inaugurated renovated subordinate Rest House, renovated TTE’s Rest Room in the station. He also inaugurated Renovated Electrical Sub-station and Water Plant for Railway Hospital. He inspected Running Room and enquired about facilities available, CCTV room in the platform. The General Manager declared and announced the Nanded Railway Station as 100% LED lit station. He also inspected Mudkhed railway station and passenger amenities.

Shri Ram Kripal, Commissioner of Railway Safety; K. Siva Prasad, Principal Chief Engineer; Shri N. Madhusudana Rao, Principal Chief Operations Manager; Shri Vijay Agarwal, Chief Administrative Officer (Construction); Smt Purna M Cherla, Financial Advisor & Chief Administrative Officer (G); Shri Arjun Mundiya, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer; Shri V.M.Srivastava, Principal Chief Signal & Telecommunications Engineer; Shri A.A.Phadke, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer; Shri P.K.Sahu, Chief Commercial Manager (C&PS); Shri Sanjay Sankrityayan, Chief Security Commissioner and other Officials also accompanied the General Manger and conducted department wise inspection.

Railways run 78 Weekly Special Trains between various Destinations

In order to clear extra rush of passengers during summer season, 78 weekly special fare special trains between Puducherry –Santragachi (Kolkata), Chennai Central – Santragachi and Santragachi – Chennai Central  will be run as detailed below:-

Train No. 06010/06009 Puducherry – Santragachi – Puducherry Special fare Special Trains (26 services):

Train No. 06010 Puducherry-Santragachi (Kolkata) Special fare Special Train will depart Puducherry at 19:15 hrs on 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th April, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and  30th June, 2018 (Saturdays) and arrive Santragachi at 04:30 hrs on Mondays.

In the return direction, Train No. 06009 Santragachi (Kolkata) – Puducherry Special fare Special Train will depart Santragachi at 14:10 hrs on 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th April, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th May, 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th June, and 2nd July 2018 (Mondays) and arrive Puducherry at 21:45 hrs on Tuesdays.

Enroute these special trains will stop at Villupuram, Chengalpattu, Tambaram, Chennai Egmore, Gudur, Nellore, Ongole, Chirala, Tenali, Vijayawada, Eluru, Tadepalligudem, Rajahmundry, Samalkot, Duvvada, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam Road, Palasa, Brahmapur, Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Bhadrak, Balasore and Kharagpur stations in both the directions.

These trains will have AC II Tier, AC III Tier, Sleeper Class, General Second Class and Luggage cum Brake Van Coaches.

Chennai Central – Santragachi- Chennai Central Special Trains (26 services):

Accordingly, Train No. 06058 Chennai Central – Santragachi Special Fare Train will depart Chennai Central at 15:15 hrs on 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th April, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th  May, 6th, 13th,  20th and  27th June, 2018 (Wednesdays) and arrive Santragachi at 19:00 hrs on Thursdays.

In the return direction, Train No. 06057 Santragachi- Chennai Central Special Fare Train will depart Santragachi at 23:50 hrs on 5th, 2th, 19th, 26th April, 3nd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st  May, 7th, 14th,  21th and  28th June, 2018 (Thursdays) and arrive Chennai Central at 05:30 hrs on Saturdays.

Enroute these special trains will stop at Gudur, Nellore, Ongole, Vijayawada, Eluru, Rajahmundry, Samalkot, Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Brahmapur, Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Bhadrak, Balasore and Kharagpur stations in both the directions.

These trains will have AC III Tier, Sleeper Class, General Second Class Coaches and Luggage cum Brake Van Coaches.

Santragachi- Chennai Central-Satragachi Weekly Special Trains via Vijayawada (26 services):

Train No. 02841 Santragachi-Chennai Central Superfast Special Train will depart Santragachi at 12:40 hrs on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April, 6th, 13th, 20th,  27th  May, 3rd, 10th,  17th and  24th June, 2018  (Sundays) and arrive Chennai Central at 15:20 hrs on Mondays.

In the return direction, Train No. 02842 Chennai Central-Santragachi Special Train will depart Chennai Central at 18:20 hrs on  2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th April, 7th, 14th, 21th,  28th  May, 4th, 11th,  18th and  25th June, 2018  (Mondays) and arrive Santragachi at 23:30 hrs on Tuesdays.

Enroute these special trains will stop at Kharagpur, Bhadrak,  Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Khurda Road, Vishakapatnam, Duvvada, Rajahmundry,  Vijayawada  and  Nellore and stations in both the directions.

These trains will have  AC III Tier,  Sleeper Class and  Luggage cum Brake Van Coaches.

MOS (Railways) reviews performance of Southern Railway

Rajen Gohain, Union Minister of State of Railways (G) visited Southern Railway and conducted performance review meeting at Southern Railway Headquarters in Chennai on Monday.

R.K. Kulshrestha, General manager, P.K. Misra, Additional General Manager, Principal Heads of Departments and Naveen Gulati, Divisional Railway Manager, Chennai Division of Southern Railway participated in the review meeting.

In his address, Rajen Gohain appreciated the initiatives of Southern Railway in providing various novel passenger amenity works over Southern Railway, an official statement said. The minister called for a customer-friendly approach to attract traffic to the fullest potential. He observed railways has taken effective steps in improving rail connectivity Pan-India and Southern Railway will be able to operate train services smoothly in future once the Chennai – Madurai doubling and electrification is completed.

Southern Railway appealed to the minister to allot more MEMU, DEMU and other passenger coaches to meet the growing demands, being a passenger-oriented railway.

Rajen Gohain is on his way to lay the foundation stone for three major doubling/electrification projects covering Trivandrum-Nagercoil-Kanniyakumari-Tirunelveli-Madurai and inaugurate/dedicate a host of passenger amenities at a function at Nagercoil Junction Railway station today i.e 23rd January, 2018.

What Should Investors know about the future of Container Corporation of India Limited’s Earnings Prospects?

With analysts forecasting Container Corporation of India Limited (NSEI:CONCOR) to register solid earnings growth of 12.19% in the coming 12 months, let’s stop and think through this strong vision. Investors should consider the forces that are spurring this projected increase, as there are certain implications that can impact on shareholder return. To get a preliminary understanding, this article will interpret Container of India’s margin performance to assist in analysing the revenue and cost anatomy behind the earnings expectations for the future and the impact it has on shareholder returns relative to the wider industry.

What does CONCOR’s profit margin tell us?

Attractive margins generally indicate a desirable ability to translate sales revenue in to earnings, and return for shareholders. CONCOR’s profit margin will help us understand the extent of this ability, as well as identify the forces behind earnings expectations.

The past five years have seen Container of India’s margin contract, as a result of average revenue growth of 8.47% outstripping average net income growth of 1.01%, which suggests that a smaller percentage of revenue falls to the bottom line despite the fact revenue has increased over the previous 5 years. The current 14.34% margin seems to continue this movement, which could imply that increasing revenue has driven earnings growth rather than enhanced cost management.

How is Container of India’s margin expected to behave in the future and what could it mean for shareholders?

Forward looking projections suggest margins will shift towards expansion, with an expectation of 12.08% in annual revenue growth and annual net income growth forecasted at 18.73%. This suggests the previous earnings stability is expected to transition in to stronger growth through enhanced cost efficiency alongside revenue increases. But as a result of improved cost efficiency, net income growth is expected to exceed revenue growth, which is causing the expectation for margins to expand. Nonetheless, those watching the stock must know margin expansion can mean different things for different companies, thus more detailed research is essential.

Profit margins are commonly useful when employed as a comparitive measure to judge a business’ profit-making ability against its industry. For CONCOR, it is expected that profit margins will expand simultaneously with margins in the Transportation industry, whilst at the same time, CONCOR’s forecasted ROE and the expected ROE of the industry is roughly equal at 10.35% and 9.85% respectively, (note that relative debt levels need to be considered in this observation). This serves as an indication that analysts covering the stock expect the nature of Container of India’s earnings will result in a return per dollar of equity that is similar to the industry. However, margins use items on the income statement that are prone to being manipulated by various accounting measures, which can distort our analysis. Thus, it is essential to run your own analysis on Container of India’s future earnings whilst maintaining a watchful eye over the sustainability of their cost management methods and the runway for top line growth.

Margin Calculation for CONCOR: Profit Margin = Net Income ÷ Revenue; ∴ Profit Margin = 8.56 Billion ÷ 59.71 Billion = 14.34%

Intraday reports for Container Corporation of India Ltd.(CONCOR, 531344) Stock & Share Prices – January 23, 2018

Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.08 AM

The day started for Container Corporation of India Ltd. with an opening price of Rs. 1493.00 after closing at Rs. 1483.25 the previous day.
As compared to yesterday’s opening price, today’s opening price was observed to have increased 16.3 points.
Also, prices touched a high of Rs. 1500.00 and a low of Rs. 1470.55 the previous day.
One stock of Container Corporation of India Ltd. was seen to be priced at Rs. 1471.3 while a change of -11.95(-0.81%) points from the previous trade was also observed as last checked on Jan 23, 10:06 A.M.
The volume weighted average price (vwap) was Rs.1483.25 and the bid-ask spread was -0.55 points.
With this a price band of Rs. 1,334.95 – 1,631.55 was also provided by Container Corporation of India Ltd. for the day.

Updated at 9.02 AM

Yesterday, Container Corporation of India Ltd. stock closed at Rs. 1483.25 while touching a maximum of Rs. 1500.00 which was 23.3 points more than the opening price.
Also, the lowest price which was Rs. 1470.55 went 6.15 points lower than the opening price.
As the trading hours came to an end, the last volume was of 562,403 stocks while the 5 day average volume was 422,278 , the 10 day average volume was of 509,840 stocks and the 30 day average volume was of 301,843 stocks.
The 5 day average volume rose 26149 stocks, 10 day average volume rose 32697 stocks and 30 day average volume rose 6195 stocks when compared to the previous day’s values.