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Booking Rail Ticket in Advance Could Become Cheaper

In a good for railway passengers, they could get cheaper deals if they plan their journey in advance. The proposal can turn into reality if the recommendations of a fare review committee are being approved by the Railway Board.

In a report submitted this week, the committee has suggested graded discounts on the basis of number of vacant seats in a train, sources said. Similar to airlines, committee officials have recommended discounts from 20 per cent to 50 per cents depending on the number of vacant seats available at the time of booking.

In an another proposal, the panel has suggested discounts for tickets booked after charting. It has added that discounts can be offered in slots from two days to two hours before the departure of the train.

Just like air travellers who are being charged more for front-row seats, passengers will have to pay more for choosing lower berths, the committee said. However, senior citizens, people with disabilities and pregnant women could be allotted the seats free of charge, the committee added.

The committee has also suggested that fares of trains which reach their destinations at “convenient” times should be increased as against those that arrive at “odd hours” for example between 0000 and 0400 hours and 1300 and 1700 hours, the officials said.

The Railway Board is likely to make changes before approving the recommendations, the sources said.

Instead of having a flat fare around the year, fares should be increased during the festive season and reduced during lean months, the committee suggested.

The committee consists of some Railway Board officials, NITI Aayog adviser Ravinder Goyal, Executive Director (Revenue Management) of Air India Meenakshi Malik, professor S Sriram, and Iti Mani, Director, Revenue, Le Meridien, Delhi.

Nirman Samvaad: A Mega Conclave of Railways with Leaders of Construction Industry concludes in New Delhi

A one-day Mega Conclave called ‘Nirman Samvaad’, a first ever interaction between the Ministry of Railways and the Construction Industry concluded here. This Conclave was organized by Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL), a dedicated arm of Ministry of Railways for fast track implementation of railway projects. This Mega Conclave was an initiative taken by Hon’ble Minister of Railways and Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal as a step to streamline procedures and remove bottlenecks to ensure the fast track implementation of projects on the railways.  It was a major event aimed at taking measures to ensure expeditious implementation of ambitious Railway Infrastructure Development Plans.

The Conclave was chaired by the Hon’ble Minister of Railways & Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal who had a personal interaction with the participants. The conference was also attended by Chairman Railway Board, Shri Ashwani Lohani and Railway Board Members, Chairman & Managing Director, RVNL, and senior officers from Railway Board, Zonal Railways, CPSEs etc. The event was attended by the top management of 400 construction & consultation companies. During the ‘Samvaad’, 6 representatives from major construction and consultancy companies i.e. M/s KECInternational; Siemens, Larsen & Toubro, Systra MVA Consulting India Private Limited, Tata Projects Limited and Afcons Infrastructure Ltd gave presentations.

The meeting was thrown open and all participants were given opportunity to raise their respective issues and suggest remedies. The highlight of the conclave was a lively interaction session conducted by Hon’ble Minister of Railways.  The issues raised covered concerns on contract management, improving cash flows, execution of projects, expediting the inspection of various items to be procured from RDSO approved vendors, adoption of FIDIC documents by Railways, delay in acquisition of land, problems in obtaining licenses of minor minerals,  suggestions for reducing the time and cost over-run, expediting the payments of the contractors, risk sharing between the employer and the contractor, increased requirement of training of technical manpower,  availability of traffic and power blocks, proper estimation of quantities at the time of inviting tenders were discussed.

Minister of Railways gave directions that the suggestions made by the participants should be followed up and necessary changes in the systems and procedures be made to ensure that the pace of project execution is improved to implement the Ministry’s ambitious investment programme.


Ministry of Railways has ambitious plans for development of Rail infrastructure to meet the ever increasing transport needs of the nation and a huge investment in this sector has been planned. The main focus is on:-

  • The pace of augmentation of railway network needs a quantum jump. The speed of execution of doubling/tripling and quadrupling which is about 800 kms per annum for the last 5 years, needs to be  accelerated 2 to 3 times to meet the increasing demand.
  • Completion of electrification of the full rail network in the next 3 to 5 years. So far out of 63000 RKM, 25201 RKM have been commissioned on electric traction till 31st March 2017. The  average pace during last five years is about 1300 RKMs per annum which needs to be increased by 6 to 8 times to  electrify remaining 38000 RKMs to meet the ambition of complete electrification.
  • Taking up of Hill Rail Projects, including Rishikesh – Karanprayag, Char Dham rail connectivity, Bhanupalli – Bilaspur and on to Leh.
  • Completion of ongoing and proposed Dedicated Freight Corridors.
  • Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor and other projects on Diamond Quadrilateral to link the major Metropolitan Cities.

Ambivli Railway Station gets a new Foot Overbridge, expected to be launched as scheduled

The Indian Army has successfully completed the construction of a foot overbridge (FOB) at Ambivli railway station and launched it on Thursday morning.

The civil work for the pile foundation had commenced in November 2017, while the work on the fabrication of the piers, staircase and canopy had also started at the bridging site simultaneously, read an official note.

As per the Nation Building project, the Indian Army was given the task of construction of three FOBs for the Indian Railways at Elphinstone, Currey Road and Ambivli railway stations. Of the three, the FOB at the Ambivli railway station has been successfully completed.

On Thursday, the Army launched the Ambivli FOB around 11.15 a.m. Central Railway (CR) had planned a mega block between 9.54 a.m and 3.02 p.m., but the work was completed before time and the block was cleared at 2.45 p.m. “It was a perfect launch, and we are confident of meeting the deadline,” Brigadier Mohan said.  The task of building the FOBs is being undertaken by the Bombay Engineer Group and Centre, Kirkee from the Indian Army as a part of aid to civil authority for safety and smooth functioning of essential public services, it added.

The statement further noted that the FOB is planned to be complete by January 31 that will ensure safety and security of pedestrian moving across the railway tracks at Ambivli.

Ambivli railway station is a railway station on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. It is located on the route between Kalyan and Kasara. Shahad is the previous stop and Titwala is the next stop.

The Army started work on the project on November 20. CR organised 30 special services from Kalyan during the block and co-ordinated with civic and State authorities to organise 94 extra buses between Kalyan and Titwala, Shahapur and Kasara.

As regards the Elphinstone Road-Parel and Currey Road foot overbridges, the deadline of January 31 will be missed, and be ready by February 15, officials have said. The bridge launching (a part of bridgeconstruction) of the Elphinstone Road-Parel is likely to take place during the Republic Day weekend.

The third FOB at Ambivli was launched on Thursday, and is expected to be ready as scheduled.

“We are ready to launch the Elphinstone Road-Parel bridge on January 26, 27 and 28. These are the dates we have given to the Railways. The work is on schedule,” Brigadier Dhiraj Mohan, Bombay Sappers, said. The three-metre-wide FOB is being built as an extension of the north-end FOB of Parel station.

Railway block

Mukul Jain, Divisional Regional Manager, Western Railway, said, “There will be a railway block on the night of January 26 for the work. A few services might have to be cancelled.”

Sources said the construction work could commence only by mid-December, as the alignment of the bridge and the location of the piers were finalised by late November. The initial plan was to start work by November-end. Initial designs had three piers, which had to be reduced to two due to the planned Parel terminus, said sources. The delay in acquisition of private land by the Railways has been cited as the primary reason for the hold-up at Currey Road station.

The Army was called in to build the three bridges after the stampede at Elphinstone Road on September 29, which claimed 23 lives.

WR Press Release: Excellent Work done by Western Railway RPF Wing

Arrest of criminals involved in crime against passenger MUMBAI DIVISION/BORIVALI POST:  On 13.01.18 at about 23:00 hrs on duty ASI/Ramchandra Chtawale during surveillance apprehended a suspected outsider on BVI PF No.07,when he was trying to stolen a mobile from a passenger’s pocket,while said passenger boarded in CCG bounded train.later brought at post and on further interrogation said outsider disclosed his name-Afank Abbas Fajali Abbas Shayad,age-21yrs,R/O-Room No.302,Surnam Park,Near Kuwari Masjid, Baloch Nagar,Virar(East) and revelded that he was intentionally traveling in suburban local trains for theft of personal belongings of railway commuters and accepted his guilt.After his acceptance of crime ASI/Ramchandra recovered two OPPO Company mobile and cash RS 800/- from said outsider.After said outsider handed over to GRP/BVI with both stolen mobile and cash RS 800/-BVI for further legal action and on further investigation of GRP/BVI said outsider arrested as a unknown offender of ACR No.678/17,U/S 379 IPC,Dated- 08.07.17 & ACR No.2404/17,U/S 379IPC,Dated-11.11.17.

VADODARA DIVISION/CRIME WING & VADODARA POST: On 14/15-01-18 TOPB Team under working CW BRC was deployed at BRC Stn for detection of TOPB at about 23-00 hrs Dt. 14/01/18 During the secret watch of CT. Tejpal Singh CT. Rajesh Kakesh of TOPB Team under working CW BRC & ASI Mahendra Singh of BRC Post Jointly detected an outsider name Upendra Kumar Sudama Bind age. 25 yrs R/o- (Bihar) inauspicious condition in Circulating area of BRC Station with haversack bag on inquiry he disclosed that he has stealed that bag from nearby sleeping Passenger Named Subir Albinus evka age 22 yrs R/o Orissa. On being checked the above said bag a Sony company android mobile phone V/Rs 8000/- and some clothes were found. Detected person, Complaint & Muddamaal handed over to GRP BRC For further legal action.

Rescue of Child MUMBAI DIVISION/MUMBAI CENTRAL LOCAL POST:  On 13.01.18 at about 14.00 hours ASI Kailash Chand WR- 9000189 with CT Dayashankar Pal WR- 1503113 while PF Round at Lower Parel station found Four children Named 1) Mahesh Dinesh Solanki age 12, 2) Karan Balu Patel age 13, 3) Subhash Govind Solanki age 11 & 4) Roshani D/O Dinesh Solanki age 10. They don’t know proper address and also can’t remember their parents mobile number, Later informed to child help line center and after confirmation all children are handed over to Member of Child help line Center.

RATLAM DIVISION/UJJAIN POST:  दिनाँक 15.01.2018 को दौरान गस्त ASI/बृज किशोर यादव मय स्टाफ को उज्जैन स्टेशन के PF न. 01 पर नागदा की तरफ एक बालिका लावारिस हालत मे बैठी मिली । पूछने पर संतोष जनक जवाब न देने पर LCT/रजनी बावरिया की मदद से आरपीएफ़ पोस्ट पर लाया गया व पुनः पूछताछ करने पर अपना नाम माया पिता रामलाल, उम्र 16 वर्ष, निवासी -रतलाम बताया व घर से नाराज होकर उज्जैन स्टेशन आना बताया। बाद उक्त बालिका को L/CT के साथ भेज मेडिकल करा चाइल्ड हेल्प लाइन के प्रतिनिधि मीना ललावत को सही हालत मे सुपुर्द किया गया।

Rescue of Man / Women MUMBAI DIVISION/BORIVALI POST:  On 13.11.17 at about 04:00 hrs during course of round on duty ASI/Mahesh Sharma found one suspicious boy and girl on BVI PF No.06. On further interrogation said boy and girl disclosed their name-Disha Rajesh Chavriya, age-22yrs, R/O- Ward no.20,Gali No.02,Mohangiri Mohalla, Dist-Vidisha,M.P. and Rakesh Raju Raikawar,age-24yrs,R/O-Ward No.19,Gali No.02,Kiri Mohalla, Vidisha,M.P. and told that they love each other and their parents not accept this relationship because they both are different castes, so they run away from home with the intention of getting married.  In the interrogation the said girl told her father’s mobile number,on which the girl’s father told that he had lodged a missing complaint in Vidisha city police station in this case. After discussion with the HC/Dhurg Singh of Vidisha police station,in wich he correctly informed the girl’s missing report.On dated 14.01.18 at about 10hrs PHC(354)/Dhurg Singh and CT(292)/Santosh of Vidisha police station came at RPF/Office/BVI along with girl’s father. After confirmation and verification said Boy and Girl handed over to said police staff for further legal action.

MUMBAI DIVISION/SURAT POST:  On 15.01.2018 on duty escorting party train no 12471 HC- Jaypal Singh, CT -Ravindra Kumar Sharma apprehended one person in suspected condition named Manoj Kumar S/o Brij maan yadav age-19yrs R/o- Namdah road, Near Rofel college, Vapi from train no 12471 Between Vapi-Surat Station, and seized 144 Nos. Royal Special whisky 180ml Value 14400/- from his custody. After interrogation a accused with liquor handed over to GRP/ST for further legal action.

MUMBAI DIVISION/SURAT POST:  On 15.01.2018 DSCR/BCT received massage on duty RPF Surat ASI Maan Singh Meena, ASI Gajendra Singh, CT Amit Kumar, CT Rakesh Bhai Patel apprehended one person in suspected condition named Sushil Kumar S/o Ramkomal age-18 yrs, from train no 22933 (Bandra- Jaipur Exp.) S-4 coach Surat Station, and seized 48 Nos. Crimpy whisky 180ml Value 4800/- from his custody. After interrogation an accused with muddamal handed over to GRP/ST for further legal action.

VADODARA DIVISION / CRIME WING & TOPB TEAM:  On 10.01.18 during the secret watch in Train No.22927 (Lok Shakti Exp.) ASI- Shashikant Lata CW/BRC and Div TOPB team CT. Sunil Patil,CT. Rajesh kalesh,CT. Manu Bhai, CT. Mahesh bamania of Spl. Team detected one suspect person between MHD to MAN station named Nilesh @ Vishal S/O Ramanbhai Vaghela age. 21 years R/O Bodirozi, near Jogani Mata Mandir Mehmadabad, district Kheda (Gujarat) with the total 30 liters of country made liquor Value Rs 600/-. Liquor peddler with muddamaal handed Over to GRP ND for further legal action. GRP/ND Reg. No 5013/2018 U/S 65E PB Act. Dt.10/01/2018.

Recovery of narcotics/ Contraband Goods/Articles
Recovery of LEFT behind luggage/ Articles MUMBAI DIVISION/VASAD POST:  दिनांक 12.01.2018 को नवसारी आउट पोस्ट के बल सदस्य हेड कांस्टेबल देवीदास कांस्टेबल जिग्नेश टंडेल सवारी गाड़ी संख्या 59037 डाउन विरार- सूरत पैसेंजर को चेकिंग के दौरान विकलांग कोच के यात्रियों ने एक यात्री जो उसी ट्रेन में यात्रा कर रहा था, उसका छूटा सामान सुपुर्द किया, जिसे बल सदस्यों द्वारा कार्यालय में जमा कराया। दिनांक 15/01/2018 को समय 11/00 बजे स्वयं भाविन पुत्र जयंतीभाई पटेल उम्र -25 वर्ष पता-रेलिया फलिया डूंगरी, बलसाड RPF चौकी नवसारी में उपस्थित हुआ, जिसने उक्त डाक्यूमेंट्स छूटने बाबत बताया व डॉक्यूमेंट भाविन के ही होने की पुष्टि करने पर उप निरीक्षक भवानी सिंह ने दो पचों के समक्ष डाक्यूमेंट्स को सुपुर्द किया गया।

MUMBAI DIVISION/BORIVALI POST:  On 15.01.18 on duty QRT attend to general coach no.5003B of Local train on BVI PF no. 02 and found a Black colour Zebion company Monetar on seat and brought at post. Name-Kiran Krishana Joyashi,age-21yrs,R/O- came at office and state that he was traveling from CCG to ADH by said train and get down at ADH station but forgot his Monitor  on seat of general coach and train was departed, then he call to RPF/Helpline no182. After verification and confirmation said Monetar handover to owner by ASI/Bhanwar lal daroga. After he got his Monitor RS-11000/-(Eleven Thousand rupees).

VADODARA DIVISION / VADODARA POST:  दिनांक 15.1.18 को ASI नरेन्द्र सिंह यादव व ASI छगन भाई ट्रेन नम्बर 12903 समय 05.50 पर प्लेटफोर्म नम्बर 04 पर आयी व् कोच नम्बर S-9 नम्बर को अटेंड करने पर ड्यूटी पर तैनात गाडी सुरक्षा पार्टी द्वारा एक बच्चा हेंडओवर किया बाद बच्चे को पोस्ट पर लाये जिनका नाम पंकज पुत्र रूप सिंह उम्र: 16 वर्ष, पता:  ग्राम नागल शेखपुर तहसील-तोडा भीम जिला करोली राजस्थान बताया बाद उसके पिताजी को मोबाइल नम्बर 9013824836 पर सूचित किया एवं उन्होंने बताया की मेरा बच्चा 13.1.18 से गम हुआ जिसकी फरियाद में हिंडोन सिटी में कर दी है |बाद उक्त बच्चे के बुआ के लडके जो पोस्ट पर आये बच्चे द्वारा पहचानने के पश्चात पूर्ण सत्यापन कर बच्चे को सुपुर्द किया गया |

AMAMEDABAD DIVISION / MAHSHANA POST:  दिनांक 14.01.2018 को जगुदन रेल्वे स्टेशन पर CP ड्यूटी मे तैनात कान्स राकेश डाभी व कान्स धीर सिंह को गाड़ी संख्या 14707 जगुदन स्टेशन पर क्रॉसिंग मे खड़ी होकर रवाना होने के पश्चात एक पाउच मिला । उक्त पाउच ने एक मोबाइल फोन था जिस पर आये हुये कॉल को रिसिव कर बात करने पर पता चला की, गाड़ी संख्या 14707 मे कोच संख्या S/12 मे सीट न 41 से 45(PNR -2440451515) पर परिवार के साथ यात्रा कर रही महिला यात्री नाम शर्मिला प्रकाश भाई सुराणा, उम्र 41 वर्ष, रहिवासी- महाराष्ट्र का होना मालूम हुआ । महिला यात्री ने बताया की वह महेसाणा से गाड़ी मे बैठी थी एवं सामान सेट करते समय जगुदन से रवाना होने के बाद उसका पर्स गिर गया हैं । महिला को स्टाफ द्वारा बताया गया की आरपीएफ़ पोस्ट महेसाणा से आपका पर्स प्राप्त कर सकते हैं । महिला यात्री के परिचित पार्थ अशोक भाई पटेल, उम्र 23, पाउच को लेने हेतु पोस्ट पर उपस्थित हुये। 1) मोबाइल फोन कीमत 10000/- 2) नकद रुपये 760/- 3) 01 स्मार्ट कार्ड 4) दवाइया, पार्थ पटेल को 02 साक्षियों के समक्ष सुपुर्द किया ।

Arrest of criminals involved in crime against passengers VADODARA DIVISION/CRIME WING& VADODARA POST: On 15/16-01-18 TOPB Team under working CW/BRC was deployed at BRC station for detection of TOPB case at about 02-00 hrs Dt 16/01/18 During the secret watch of CT. Tejpal Singh of TOPB Team under working CW/BRC & ASI Narendra Singh,CT Jai Narayan Meena & ASI RajSingh of BRC Post Jointly detected two outsiders name (1) Altaf Ayub Shaikh age 24 yrs (2) Arbaj Khan Nasir Khan Pathan age-20 yrs. in Suspicious condition while they were getting down from General coach of train number 12833 (Howrah exp) at PF Number -1of BRC Stn, on inquiry they disclosed that they stealed 01 MI company android mobile phone V/Rs 3000/-and Money purse containing cash Rs 635/-01 Aadhaar card, 01 election card & 01 General ticket from BRC to HWH from the pocket of Passenger during the boarding time in crowd. After that traced the victim Passenger. Detected person, Complaint & Muddamaal handed over to GRP/BRC For further legal action
Rescue of Child MUMBAI DIVISION/SURAT POST:  On 16.01.18 on duty ASI Maan singh Meena, L/CT Hemlata found 01 missing girl name- Jui D/o Sadanad kadu age:  16 yrs R/o-Bhandup Kanjurmar, Thane Maharashtra from PF-01 Surat Station. Announcement was made through PA system resulted Girl uncle name Gajananad S/o Shantaram Kadu R/o- garden society house no. 12, Aas-pas, Surat approached to RPF post Surat. The Girl child handed over to her uncle.
Recovery of LEFT behind luggage/ Articles MUMBAI DIVISION/VALSAD POST:  दिनाक 16.01.2018 को समय 9:25 बजे सवारी गाड़ी संख्या 22930 UP (भिलाड एक्सप्रेस) के फर्स्ट क्लास के पीछे वाले कोच में एक बैग यात्री का छूटा हुआ है सूचना की अनुपालना में ड्यूटी पर तैनात कांस्टेबल शिवकुमार उक्त गाड़ी को अटेंड किया व बैग प्राप्त किया, पश्चात समय 16:00 बजे बैंग के मालिक नाम- रहितूल्लाह पुत्र सुपफमियां खान उम- 62 वर्ष पता – चिस्ती नगर, जलाराम सोसायटी, कोसंबा, तरसाड़ी, जिला – सूरत RPF चौकी नवसारी में उपस्थित हुआ, उक्त गाड़ी में सामान उतार नहीं पाने के कारण बैग छूटना बताया आगे की कार्यवाही स्वयं उप-निरीक्षक भवानीसिंह ने दो पंचो के समक्ष सामान को चेक करवाया साथ स्वयम रहितुुल्लाह ने चेक किया जिसमे पुराने कपड़े होना बताने पर बैग को सही हालत में सुपुर्द किया

MUMBAI DIVISION/VALSAD POST:  दिनांक 15.01.2018 को सवारी गाड़ी स.19115 DN सयाजी नगरी एक्स के S/10 कोच के सीट न.64 पर एक यात्री का मोबाइल छूट गया | ओन ड्यूटी कान्स धर्मेश डांगर ने उक्त गाड़ी को अटेंड कर यात्री का मोबाइल पोस्ट पर लाये व यात्री नाम वैभव पुत्र श्री जगदीश पटेल उम्र 21वर्ष को वलसाड पोस्ट बुलाया | यात्री वैभव दिनांक 16.01.2018 पोस्ट पर आये व उनका मोबाइल MI Note 4 कीमत 11800/- रुपये को पहचाना | स उप निरक्षक लालचंद मीणा कागजी कार्यवाही के पश्चात यात्री से I D व मोबाइल बिल की प्रति प्राप्त कर मोबाइल सही सलामत सुपुर्द किया गया !

MUMBAI DIVISION/VIRAR POST:  दिनांक 16.01.2018 को अंधेरी से छूटने वाली लोकल के महिला प्रथम दर्जा में एक काले रंग का बैग छूटा है का आशीष कादयान ने सुचना प्राप्त कर का बल्लू दिनकर को सूचित किया और उसने समय 13.22 बजे प्लेटफोर्म नं. 3 पर आयी लोकल के महिला प्रथम वर्ग के कोच में से काले रंग का बैग लाकर पोस्ट को सुपुर्द किया जिसकी सुचाना DSCR/BCT को देने के पश्चात एक महीला आयी जिससे स.उ.नि. यशवन्तलाल प्रजापति ने पूछताछ करने पर उसने अपना नाम श्रीमती वन्दना वैध्यय वय 57 वर्ष पता B-9 गणेश धाम सोसाइटी दादाभाई क्रास रॉड न 3 विलेपार्ले (प्), मो.नं. 9821483980 होना बताया एवं आगे बताया की मैं पाटेकर कालेज में लेक्चरार हूँ और मैंने अंधेरी से 12.22 बजे की लोकल पकड़ी और गोरगाँव में अपना बैग भुलकर उतर गयी और कॉलेज जाने पर मुझे बेग की याद आयी और मैंने RPF हेल्प लाइन को काल किया और समय 14.30 बजे RPF से फोन आया की मेरा बेग विरार में है और मैं आयी तब उन्हें बेग दिखाया जिसका सामान देखने पर उसमे एक किताब,प्रश्न पत्रिका,पानी की बॉटल, मिठाई, खाने का डिब्बा पाया गया सामान की कुल कीमत 300 रुपये आकि गयी । और उक्त महिला ने अपना सभी सामान सही व् बराबर होना बताया । बाद उसे सुपुर्दगी पत्र के तहत सभी सामग्री सुपुर्द किया ।

MUMBAI DIVISION/BORIVALI POST:  On 15.01.18, on duty ASI Bhanwar lal daroga during course of round found an unclaimed gray color I-Phone on BVI PF no. 06 and and brought at post.As per guidelines of IPF/BVI on further enquiry by ASI Bhanwar lal daroga obtain a contact number of the owner name-Qumar Azam khan, age-17yrs and informed about his I-Phone. On 16.01.18 at about 09:30hrs owner of said I-Phone came at office and state that he was traveling from BVI to ADH by said train but forgot his I-Phone on BVI PF no.06 while he was boarded in local train and he was not aware that his I-Phone was left on BVI PF no.06. After verification and confirmation said I-Phone handover to owner by ASI bhanwar lal daroga. After got his I-Phone Rs 25000/-(twenty five Thousand rupees).

AHAMEDABAD DIVISION/MHESHANA POST:  दिनांक 16.01.18 को कान्स मगन भाई को उंझा स्टेशन प्रतीक्षालय मे एक मोबाइल चार्जिग मे लगा हुआ पाया जिस बाबत वहा पर उपस्थित यात्रीयो से पूछताछ करने पर लावारिस पाया । बाद उक्त मोबाइल का मालिक नकुल खान अजीज खान, 33 वर्ष, आउट पोस्ट उंझा पर उपस्थित हुये एवं बताया की वह दिनांक 16.01.18 को उंझा से अजमेर तक यात्रा करने हेतु आया एवं उंझा स्टेशन प्रतीक्षालय मे मोबाइल चार्जिंग मेँ लगाकर भूल गया था एवं गाड़ी क्रमांक 19031 आने पर उसमे बैठ गया था । उक्त मोबाइल उसका होने की पुष्टि कर 02 साक्षियों के समक्ष उसे सुपुर्द कर पावती ली गयी

AHAMEDABAD DIVISION/BHUJ POST:  दिंनाक 16.01.2018 को गाड़ी सं. 11092 के भुज आगमन पर सील चेकिंग स्टाफ हैड.कान्स. विजय कुमार को कोच सं. B5 मे सीट न.48 पर एक लावारिश बैग पाया उक्त हैड.कान्स.द्वारा बैग रे.सु.ब कार्यालय मे लाया गया कुछ समय पश्चात उक्त सीट पर यात्रा कर रहे व्यक्ति सुंदर प्रसाद सुन्दीयाल व रुचिका जी साथ मे मुकेश जी अपने सामान की खोज मे पोस्ट पर उपस्थित हुए तथा अपने अन्य दस्तावेज प्रस्तुत किये जिनसे बैग मे दस्तावेज मिलन किया व संतुष्ट होकर यात्री द्वारा अपना बैग चेक किया गया व यात्री द्वारा अपना सामान सही हालात मे पाया गया बैग मे पाया जाने वाला सामान निम्न प्रकार है | 01.दैनिक उपयोग सामान -BRUSH,RAZER,PASTE 02) आधार कार्ड,CGHS कार्ड 03.)कपड़े 04)सोने के गहने-कीमत लगभग 2,50,000/-रूपये यात्री को सामान सही हालात मे सुपुर्द किया गया |

RAJKOT DIVISION/RAJKOT POST:  दिनांक- 15.01.2018 को यात्री जिसका नाम हार्दिक s/o प्रवीणभाई पंचासरा उम्र-16 वर्ष ने राजकोट पोस्ट पर आकर ऑन ड्यूटी स.उप.निरीक्षक सुरेन्द्र सिंह को बताया की वह सवारी गाड़ी 59503 (विरामगाम-ओखा) फास्ट लोकल मे थान से राजकोट तक बीच के सामान्य कोच मे यात्रा कर रहा था दौरान राजकोट स्टेशन आने पर मे उतावलेपन मे अपना लाल कलर का 01 बेग उसको अपनी सीट पर भूलकर उतर गया था | स.उप.निरीक्षक सुरेन्द्र सिंह द्वारा उक्त घटना की जानकारी जामनगर स्टेशन ड्यूटी पर तैनात हेड कांस्टेबल को दिया जिस पर उक्त हेड कांस्टेबल द्वारा उक्त सवारी गाड़ी को जामनगर स्टेशन पर यात्री के बताए अनुसार कोच चेक करने पर उनका 01 लाल कलर का बेग लावारिस हालत मे मिला तथा हेड कांस्टेबल द्वारा दिनांक-16.01.2018 को ट्रेन से मिले बेग को लेकर राजकोट पोस्ट पर भिजवाया तथा राजकोट पोस्ट पर ठाणे पर जरूरी कार्यवाही कर लाल कलर की बेग दिखाने पर बेग उसी का होने के पाये जाने पर उक्त यात्री द्वारा बेग मे 03- 04 जोड़ी पुराने कपड़े मिले जो सही हालत मे था बेग को खेरियत के साथ दिनांक-16.01.18 को सुपुर्द किया |

RAJKOT DIVISION/RAJKOT POST:  दिनांक-13.01.18 को सवारी गाड़ी नंबर 19580 (दिल्ली सराईरोहिला EXP) राजकोट रेल्वे स्टेशन के प्लेटफॉर्म नंबर 03 पर HC- प्रदीपकुमार यादव व Ct-दीपकगिरि ने गाड़ी को चेक करने पर S/2 के बर्थ नंबर 11 के ऊपर 01 ट्रोली बेग और 01 प्लास्टिक की बेग लावारिश हालत मे रखे पाया उक्त HC व स्टाफ ने आस पास के यात्रीओ से पूछताछ किया किसी ने भी अपना नहीं हो ना बताया उक्त सामान को नीचे उतारा गया और डॉगस्कोर्ड से चेक करवाया गया सामान को पोस्ट पर लाया गया 02 पंचो के समक्क्ष 01 बेग और 01 प्लास्टिक की थेली से तलासी पंचनामा बानाया गया दौरान्त उसमे से 03 जोड़ी पुराने कपड़े, एंजिनियर का मशीन, टेस्टर, 01 पर्सनल फ़ाईल,01 जेकिट, 01 हैडफोन, बूक मिली जिसमे उकका नाम पता ओर मोबाइल नंबर लिखा मिला मोबाइल से संपर्क करने पर उसने आपना नाम सोकतअली पुत्र करीमखान उम्र-41 वर्ष, धंधो-सुधीर कंपनी मे इलेक्ट्रोनिकल एंजिनीयर तरीके नोकरी का होना बताय| अपनी बेग लेने बाबत राजकोट बुलाने पर वह दिनांक-16.01.18 को समय करीबन 10.00 बजे राजकोट पोस्ट पर RPF थाना पर उपस्थित हुआ ओर पूछताछ करने पर बताया की मेरा नाम सोकतअली पुत्र करीमखान है सामान की सुपुर्दगी दी गई ।

Arrest of criminals involved in crime against passengers MUMBAI DIVISION/ MUMBAI CENTRAL LOCAL POST:  दिनाक 17.01.18 को ASI कैलाश चंद ने गस्त के दौरान TOPB team CT दीपक जिलेवा व CT धर्मेन्द्र मीना, On duty HC शेख सुहैल के साथ लोवर परेल स्टेशन के KM 7/11-12 के बीच एक व्यक्ति को यात्रियों के मोबाइल पर फ़टका मारकर गिराते व उठा कर भागते देखने पर, स्टाफ के साथ घेरा लगा कर भागते हुए पकड़ा। बाद RPF थाना मुम्बई सेंट्रल (लोकल) पोस्ट पर लेकर आये। पूछताछ करने पर उसने अपना नाम इस्तियाक S/O निसार अहमद खान उम्र 22 वर्ष बताया । आरोपी द्वारा मोबाइल उठाकर भागने पर पकड़ते समय उसके सर के बल ट्रैक पर गिर जाने के कारण उसे सिर पर चोट आई। जिसे नायर हॉस्पिटल लेकर उसे दवा दिलवाई तथा उसका मेडिकल जांच करा के जाँच में मामला IPC के अपराध का पाये जाने पर उक्त को GRP/ BCT को अग्रिम कार्यवाही हेतु सुपुर्दगी में दिया। जहाँ उसके खिलाफ GRP/BCT ACR No 129/18 व,130/18 U/S 379, 382, IPC व IR – 150 (E) दिनाँक 18/01/2018 दर्ज किया (1) फरयादी नाम राहूल गुप्ता हनुमान गुप्ता उम्र वर्ष R /0 सांताक्रुज दादा मिया चाल मुम्बई का एक MI रेडमि का फोन कीमत 6000/- (2) संदेश मोतीराम सिधे उम्र32 वर्ष R/० मुम्बई सेंट्रल वर्क सोप बिल्डिंग F/2 रूम No 27 अंबडेकर रोड मुम्बई इंटेक्स कंपनी का मोबाइल फोन कीमत 9060/-

MUMBAI DIVISION/ BANDRA LOCAL POST:  दिनांक- 17.01.18 को विरार फास्ट गाड़ी में प्लेटफॉर्म न.-4 पर M/FOB के नीचे अपराध रोकथाम ड्यूटि में तैनात CT/ संजीव कुमार एवं CT/दिनेश कुमार ने एक यात्री नाम –मंगेश शगुन रहाने उम्र-55 वर्ष की जेब से मोबाईल निकालते हुये एक बाहरी व्यक्ति नाम – हुसैन अब्दुल कुद्दू शेख उम्र- 19 वर्ष को रंगे हाथो पकड़ा | उक्त बाहरी व्यक्ति ने जैब से मोबाईल निकालकर चोरी करना स्वेछा से कबूल किया। बाद लिखित मेमो के साथ उक्त बाहरी व्यक्ति हुसैन अब्दुल कुद्दू शेख उम्र- 19 वर्ष को मोबाईल के साथ अग्रिम कार्यवाही हेतु GRP/BA को सुपुर्द किया गया पश्चात GRP/BA द्वारा CR No. 119/2018 दिनांक- 17.01.18, U/S- 379 IPC के तहत मामला दर्ज किया।

Recovery of LEFT behind luggage/ Articles MUMBAI DIVISION/MUMBAI CENTRAL LOCAL POST:  On 18.01.18 on duty RPF CT Bharatveer while performing his duty on PF at Mumbai Central. AC Local Escorting party handed over one Plastic bag (Containing House hold items) valued 4700. After some time passenger named Vinod Bangali Sharma age 44 years. He was traveling in AC Local from BYR-BCT with Monthly Pass No 067887934 he alighted at BCT and forgotten above said bag in local. He later contacted to SS/GTR regarding said left bag. He replied that your bag is with AC local train escorting party. Passenger came to BCT(L) post and after confirmation said bag handed over to him.

MUMBAI DIVISION/ MUMBAI CENTRAL POST:  On 18.01.2018 a lady namely Zainab Hanif Kaida aged 46 yrs, arrived to RPF Post Mumbai Central and informed about her purse missed in train ni 12268. SI/Solanki Jayesh directed CT Jitendra Berva to train no 12268. Jitendra asked attendant (Taufik) of coach no G6. Taufik told he has found a ladies purse from seat no 71 but no any name or number available there in. Jitendra brought purse and Taufik to RPF Post. Zainab recognized her purse and checked it. She found her 44,000/- all well. SI/Jayesh Solanki Returned ₹ 44,000/- to MS zainab. MS Zainab rewarded Rs 2000/-

MUMBAI DIVISION/BHAYANDRA POST: On 17.01.2018 at about 23:50 hrs a passenger Dharmendra Kumar Yadav 28 yrs came at BYR post and reported that her bag containing cash, Samsung mob v/rs 14000/- & important document fell down on track between BYR- Mira Road station while she travelling from Mira Road – Bhayandar station. On duty patrolling staff between BYR – Mira section alerted to avoid mob going in someone else hand. HC Sushil Kumar searched the area & found lost bag & mob at Km 41/5-6 UP/L line and brought it to BYR post. After necessary paper work Bag containing cash Rs 14090/- Mob phone v/rs 14000/- & document handed over to Dharmendra kumar yadav.

MUMBAI DIVISION/BHAYANDRA POST:  On 17.01.2018 at 09:40 hrs a woman passenger Name Usha Kiran Shrivastav age 40 yrs. Came at BYR post and told that his mobile fallen down between BYR-NIG station. The information passes to on duty CT. Rajveer Singh who searches the mobile and found Mobile cost of Rs. 8000/-and brought it to BYR post and handed over to woman.

VADODARA DIVISION/BHARUCH POST:  दिनांक 18.01.2018 को यात्री मालविका नरेंद्र भाई परमार का सवारी गाड़ी नं. 22954 के जनरल कोच मे एक काले कलर का बेग हेंड बेग छूट गया है कि सुचना मिलने पर सवारी गाड़ी सं. 22954 उप भरूच रेलवे स्टेशन पर आने पर हेड कांस्टेबल जगदीश नायक के द्वारा द्रशाये कोच को अटेंड किया गया | जहा यात्री का बेग मिला | यात्री को उनके मोबाइल नं. 8128562856 पर संपर्क कर भरूच पोस्ट पर बुलाया गया | एक यात्री भरूच पोस्ट पर आये तथा अपना परिचय दिया एवं संबंधित घटना के संबंध में बताया | यात्री को उनका बेग दिखाया गया | जहा यात्री द्वारा अपने बेग को पहचाना गया | अतः कार्यालय द्वारा आवश्यक कार्यवाही कर यात्री को बेग सुपुर्द किया गया |

Recovery of narcotics/ Contraband Goods/Articles VADODARA DIVISION/CRIME WING & TOPB TEAM:  On 18.01.18 during the secret watch of CW/BRC and Div TOPB team BRC ASI. Shashi Kant Lata CT. Imran vohara, CT Mahesh Bamania,CT Tejpal Singh of Spl Team detected a suspect person at BRC station on PF no 02 named Girish S/O Babubhai Vaja age. 29 years,R/o Mahatma Gandhi Society Bordi Gate,Bhavnagar, (Gujarat) with the Total 13 bottles of various kind of English liquor and One bear tin Value Rs-4132/- Wine peddler with muddamaal handed Over to GRP/BRC for further legal action. GRP/BRC Register Case Vide III CR NO 5009/2018 U/S 65E PB Act. Dt 18/01/20148

Efforts on to get Mono Rail on track in Hyderabad

Buoyed by the success of Hyderabad Metro Rail, efforts are now being intensified to get the mono rail on track in the city and in Warangal. Two companies – one from Switzerland and Poland have evinced interest in taking up the mono rail project on different corridors in the city and Warangal.

While the focus is on having mono rail operations in places that lack Hyderabad Metro Rail connectivity in the city, plans have been drawn up to operate mono rail from Kazipet to Warangal covering a distance of about 15 km.

In Hyderabad, the emphasis is on having mono rail connectivity to the airport, Shamshabad. Accordingly, Gachibowli to Airport and Kanchanbagh Junction (Owaisi Hospital) to Airport routes are being identified, sources said.

With the traffic heading to airport increasing every passing year, the need for better connectivity to the airport has become inevitable. Measures are also being taken to extend the elevated P.V.Narasimha Rao Expressway till Shamshabad to ease traffic flow to the airport.

Sharing details, Mayor Bonthu Rammohan said the two companies have evinced interest in taking up the mono rail project under Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) mode. Necessary studies and surveys have been completed for taking up the project and other modalities are being explored, he said.

Following the success of Metro Rail in the city, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao is touring different countries to explore different possibilities for Metro Phase II in the city. Metro operations were formally launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 28 and every day nearly one lakh passengers are availing the service.

Unlike the Metro, mono rail is cost-effective and the construction cost will be 30 per cent lesser. More importantly, it’s construction will be much faster as the majority of the components are precast.

“Along with a few senior officials, I will be visiting Switzerland in next few days to inspect the mono rail project and their operations,” Rammohan added.

Piyush Goyal optimistic of Suburban Rail for Bangalore, inspects KSR Bangalore Railway Station

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday inspected the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station in Bengaluru. Union Minister Ananth Kumar was also present during the time of inspection. Talking to media, Goyal said, “I attended a conference with Ananth Kumar and discussed on developing a 160 km long network, which will be World-class Bengaluru suburban network, with an investment of Rs. 12,000 crore. I appeal the state government to allow 50 percent transit oriented development (TOD policy) and approve five FSIs and the rest 50 percent will be spending by the Central Government to initiate and complete the plan.” The Railway Minister interacted with the gangmen/pointmens and the passengers present at the station and asked them their inconvenience to solve the issues.

After the inspection, Piyush Goyal expressed confidence of taking the suburban railway project to its logical conclusion. Bengalureans have been hoping for a suburban rail on the lines of the one in Mumbai to de-congest the city, but the project has remained on paper for over two decades.

The minister said that if the State government provides five floor space-index (transit oriented development) the proposed suburban network can be completed with the cost borne equally by the State government and the Railways. He is ready to reduce the State government’s share from 80% as proposed earlier to 50%.

The minister said, “A comprehensive plan has prepared to build a suburban network 160 kilometres in Bengaluru. Half of the proposed railway line will be built at the ground level and the remaining as an elevated corridor. We are confident of clearing the decks to implement this project. There is a need to integrate the railway line with metro stations, which help passengers travel in either mode of transport. We need to connect the international airport, and Electronics City and Whitefield, which will help Bengalureans.”

He added that there is a proposal to develop major railway stations around the city. Union Minister Ananth Kumar, who accompanied Goyal during his visit, said, “the seven radial lines which lead to Kengeri, Yelahanka, Baiyappanahalli and other places could be doubled and electrified to operate suburban trains. There is a need to integrate metro stations at various points to de-congest the city.

RITES, which had undertaken a study, had reported that a suburban railway network on the lines of the one in Mumbai will help 35 lakh passengers in Bengaluru, and that is the only way out to de-congest the city.”

Nepal Govt on course to complete Railway DPR by October

The Department of Railways (DoRW), under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MoPIT), has said that it will finalise the DPR of the entire project with the completion of the Butwal-Gaddachauki section–the remaining section of the larger project.

“We have already started working on the final stretch, and we are on schedule. At this pace, we can complete the DPR of the entire project in 8-9 months,” said DoRW Spokesperson Prakash Bhakta Upadhyaya.

The department has been working on different sections, dividing the 945-km Mechi-Mahakali project. While the DPR of sections east of Butwal has already been completed, only the western section which lies to the west of Butwal remains now, said Upadhyaya.

The railway department has already completed the DPR of the Bardibas-Simara, Simara-Butwal and Bardibas-Kakadbhitta sections. The DPR of these stretches were conducted separately: 108-km Bardibas-Simara section, 127-km Simara-Tansariya section and 64-km Tansariya-Butwal section, according to Upadhyaya.

The department has also completed the DPR of area between eastern Bardibas and Kakadbhitta in two segments: 137-km Bardibas-Inaruwa section and 103-km Inaruwa-Kakadvitta section.

It said the DPR of the remaining stretch of Butwal-Gaddachauki of the East-West Railway Project would be carried out by dividing the area into four segments: 115-km Butwal-Lamahi; 102-km Lamahi-Kohalpur, 95-km Kohalpur-Sukhad and 94-km Sukhad-Gaddachauki.
“We are currently working on the Butwal-Gaddachowki railway line that has been divided into four packages, each around 100km in length. Working on such stretches makes it easier and consume less time,” added Upadhyaya.

The East-West Railway Line is estimated to cost Rs 69.52 billion.

China opens new Freight Train service to Budapest

A new freight train service linking the east China port city of Xiamen with Budapest, capital of Hungary, started Friday, making it the newest China-Europe freight train route.

At about 10:45 a.m., a train with 35 containers left Haicang District station in Xiamen, carrying about 3.5 million U.S. dollars of goods, including electric products, clothes, shoes and construction materials.

The 11,595 km journey, which takes one stop at China’s southwest city of Xi’an, will take 18 days.

It will operate every Friday and creates easier access for products from Xiamen and southeast Asia to travel to Europe.

The city has rail routes to five European countries, including Germany and Russia, with more than 200 trips made since services to Europe were launched in August 2015.

Pakistan, Iran to restart fortnightly passenger train service

A Joint Expert Committee Meeting between Pakistan Railways and Iranian Railways on Thursday decided that fortnightly passenger train between Pakistan and Iran will be restarted, as the security situation is getting better.

The Iranian delegation was headed by Majid Arjouni, DG Zahidan Railways. It was decided that train will be destined for Mashad or Qom and will be resumed prior to Muharram. The regular running of 15 freight trains, on demand of merchants, between Quetta and Zahidan was also conversed.

The proposed dates will be shared by Iranian side. As the security is improving in Pakistan, Pakistan Railways’ divisions will be in a position to dispatch consignment to other parts of the country as well.

The up gradation of Spezand and Taftan (ML III) section was also discussed. The up gradation includes complete replacement of track structure, conversion of 183 dips into bridges, rehabilitation of old bridges and provision of proper signalling.

Usually, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is imported from Iran via road. Pakistan Railways also proposed specialised containers to transport LPG from Iran and offered a concession in its freight structure to promote trade through railways.

Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Train was also discussed during the meeting where Pakistan Railways requested the Iranian side to persuade ECO secretariat for the revival of ECO train to Istanbul, instead of Kosekoy.  Pakistan Railways also mentioned that revision of 1959 Agreement between Pakistan Railways and Iranian Railways is under process.

During the meeting, Pakistan Railways informed about the revived communication with Taftan section while Iranian side requested import of mechanical and civil material from Pakistan Railways.

Japanese firms likely to supply at least 70% of the Core Components of the India’s Bullet Train project

Japanese steel and engineering companies are in the forefront to bag major supply contracts for a $17-billion Indian bullet train, several sources said. Japan is funding most of the project, and Japanese companies are likely to supply at least 70 per cent of the core components of the rail line, said five sources in New Delhi with direct knowledge of the matter.

A Japanese transport ministry official involved in the project said the two countries were still working out a strategy for the supply of key components, and would unveil a plan for procurements around July. The official spoke on condition of anonymity.

The September 2017 agreement between Japan and India for the bullet train project included two clauses—the promotion of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Transfer of Technology’ —through which New Delhi had hoped to set up manufacturing facilities in the country, generate jobs and get a toehold in Japanese technology. “The Japanese have reservations on certain issues because they have a concern that there is a difference in the culture and systems of Japan from the culture and systems in India,” said Achal Khare, the Managing Director of National High Speed Rail Corp Ltd (NHSRCL), the agency tasked to execute the bullet train project. “The work culture is very different,” he said.

Khare did not elaborate but two Indian Railways officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said their Japanese counterparts had raised questions about efficiency in Indian companies and their ability to meet timelines.

The World Bank currently ranks India 100th out of 190 nations on the ease of doing business, giving it relatively low marks for starting a business, enforcing contracts and dealing with construction permits.

Tomoyuki Nakano, Director-International Engineering Affairs in the Railway Bureau at Japan’s Transport Ministry, said the issue was that Indian companies had no experience or technologies specialising in high-speed railway systems at present. “I don’t think Japanese are concerned about a difference in the work culture,” Nakano said. He and other Japanese officials said efforts were continuing to fulfil the ‘Make in India’ component of the agreement by promoting collaborations between companies from the two countries.

Still, several Indian officials said it was by and large accepted that Indian companies would not have a major part to play in the bullet train project.

Japan will get major leeway because the bullet train is largely funded by a 50-year loan provided by its government, said a close aide of Modi, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “At this stage to expect Indian companies to have a bigger share in manufacturing appears to be a little difficult,” said a senior official at the Indian government’s policy think-tank, NITI Aayog, who is involved in the negotiations.

Modi’s flagship ‘Make in India’ initiative aims to lift the share of manufacturing in India’s $2 trillion economy to 25 percent and create 100 million jobs by 2022.

However, midway through Modi’s five-year term, manufacturing was still at 17 percent of India’s GDP in the 2016/17 financial year from 15 percent previously.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone for India’s first bullet train in September last year. It will link Mumbai with Ahmedabad, the largest commercial city in Modi’s home state Gujarat.

Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal, Japan’s biggest steelmaker, and other companies like JFE Holdings, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba and Hitachi are likely to bid for various contracts, said three senior Indian government officials directly involved in the project.

Nippon Steel said it would not comment on specific projects.

JFE, Hitachi and Toshiba said they were interested in the project but had not finalised plans, including any possibilities of joint ventures with Indian firms. Mitsubishi Heavy said it had not decided if it wanted to be involved.

The sole collaboration aimed at the bullet train project is between Kawasaki Heavy Industries and India’s Bharat Heavy Electricals, which aims to win carriage orders.

Japanese government officials have asked for more bullet train corridors in India before transferring technology, three senior Indian officials said.

But New Delhi is unlikely to announce any new projects until the final cost and commercial feasibility of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad link is clear, the officials said.

“It’s like a chicken and egg situation on technology. The Japanese want an economy of scale and business but the Indian view is that India is a big market that once this market is explored the business will automatically be generated,” said Khare from NHSRCL.

New Delhi has tried to help Indian steel companies grab a slice of the pie. The Indian government last year mediated negotiations between Nippon Steel and India’s Jindal Steel and Power to set up a joint venture to manufacture rails, but the talks fell through after the Japanese major raised quality concerns, three sources in New Delhi said.

State-owned Steel Authority of India, which for decades has been the main supplier of rails to Indian Railways, was also overlooked by Japanese companies due to quality concerns, the sources said.

Nippon Steel declined comment and while Jindal and SAIL did not reply to e-mails seeking comment.

Left with little choice, Indian firms will now largely provide raw materials like cement and supply manpower for the assembly of rails, the sources said.

India’s UltraTech Cement, Larsen & Toubro, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd and Ambuja Cements are among those in the race for the supply of construction materials and power, the two Indian railways officials said.